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donderdag, april 30, 2009

van der Kleij and Geypen take victory at Arenbergpark

On Wednesday evening, SLOK's annual spring evening sprint race took place in the beautiful surroundings of Arenberg park. Although not as impressive an organisation as last year's mass start event, some 232 runners turned up to compete on the very fast park terrains. Amongst them were some 70 students from Ghent University.

In the men's A class, Thomas van der Kleij (legs shown on the left) once again proved his physical shape by winning by a 1' 7" margin ahead of Desmond Franssen. The runners, both being the only DSQ in last Sunday's Belgian middle distance champs, caught up with each other together during the race. Trol's flying Frank Buytaert managed to get hold of the third spot after going very deep, judged by his facial expression after the race.

In the women's class, the shared second spot of the middle distance champs fought for victory on the borders of the river Dijle: Kim Geypen won before Greet Oeyen with a wide margin of some 5' 30". Third came Kim Steegen, clear winner of the WC last winter.


maandag, april 27, 2009

Lenteloop Arenbergpark

Op woensdagavond 29 april gaat de jaarlijkse SLOK lenteloop door. Lopers hebben de keuze tussen omlopen met sprintafstanden van 6, 4 en 2,5 km in de prachtige omgeving van het Arenbergpark.

Het wedstrijdcentrum ligt vlakbij gebouw De Nayer in het universitair sportcentrum. Daar kan vanaf 18u30 ingeschreven worden. Starten kan op elk moment tussen 19u en 20u30.

Voor VVO lopers gelden de normale tarieven (4 of 2,5 euro). Studenten kunnen deelnemen aan 2 euro.

Er zijn douches beschikbaar voor de lopers in gebouw De Nayer, op enkele meters van het wedstrijdcentrum.

Nog in het wedstrijdcentrum vind je frisse drank tegen studentikoze prijzen.

Er wordt bewegwijzering voorzien vanaf de E314, afrit 15. Parkeren kan overal, maar sommige plaatsen zijn aangeraden.

zondag, april 26, 2009

Belgian champs middle distance

Today the Belgian championships middle distance took place in Recht (in the same area than the Belgian champs long distance 2008).

In mens class (H21E) Fabien Pasquasy was outstanding today. Despite some mistakes, he won more than 4 minutes ahead of 'homerunners' Michel Bastin and Guido Lenges. The fight for the podium was very close, Jeroen Hoekx and Robert Theiss lost less than 30sec compared to Michel (2nd).
Thomas van der Kleij, who won the long distance champs in 2008, was disqualified today.

(Michel Bastin, Kim Geypen, Fabien Pasquasy, Elisabeth Henkes and Guido Lenges)

Junior runner Elisabeth Henkes took the victory in womens class. Here the fight for the victory was even closer: 5 runners finished within 1 minute! Miek Fabre, back after injury, was on her way to the victory. But at the 13th control she made a 2min mistake, so she finally finished in 4th position. Greet Oeyen, who didn't make big mistakes, became 2nd. Kim Geypen (also 2nd) and Elisabeth Henkes (1st), both made 1 mistake (40 seconds) but Elisabeth was the proud winner in the end.

Map (H21E)

Antwerp 10-miles:
25550 runners were present in Antwerpen to run a 10 miles event. Also some orienteers were present and surprisingly one of them took the victory. Trol-member Koen Wilssens won the race (16km - 49'03) ahead of Hans Janssens and Koen Neven.

Article Antwerp 10miles (Dutch)

woensdag, april 22, 2009

National team mass qualifies in second physical testrun

Under perfect weather conditions tonight in Brussels, a lot of runners in the national team managed to run the physical testrun in a time that was faster than the limit.

During the first run in March, there were already 8 male and 2 female athletes faster than the limit of 45 minutes.

Today, we can add two more men and four more women. Thomas van der Kleij and Wannes Hendrickx ran around 44:30 today, arriving at the same time as Saartje Sallaerts, Greet Oeyen, Els Talloen and Vinciane Mulpas.

Today also proved the spirit of the team. Almost all the aforementioned runners had pacemakers during their run. Ken Peeters and your reporter guided van der Kleij, Pieter Hendrickx encouraged his brother Wannes. Joost Talloen ran with his sister, Bruno De Lat with Greet Oeyen and Benjamin Hofmans was making the pace of Vinciane Mulpas. Saartje had her mother around the tour in the forest.

Also running fast enough today was junior runner Wouter Leeuws, finishing first. He ran most of the race with the Hendrickx family, but Wannes had a hard time during the 5th lap, with Pieter saying to him: "we're running a flat speed, it's the others who are accelerating", which was also true in some way, since we decided the initial speed of Hendrickx(x2), Leeuws, Jeroen and Dries van der Kleij and Hans Talloen was just too fast. We ran a slow first lap, perfectly on schedule with 7:30 and accelerated a bit the next tour, before another two flat loops, which gave us enough confidence to bridge the gap to Hendrickx(x2) during the fifth lap. Talloen and the two other van der Kleij's were already passed some time earlier.

The selection races for WOC will take place next weekend at unknown maps in the Alsace region (FR).

Detailed results will be added to the article as they are published (and correct, because the preliminary results aren't).

dinsdag, april 21, 2009

Belgian Clubs Relay

ASUB won the first edition of the Belgian Clubs Relay. The event is similar to the French CFC. This means a club must have good runners in all age classes.

Teams should consist of at least one youth runner (-16) and one "older" runner (+50) and there have to be at least two female runners in each team of 6.

There were courses of 3 different distances: the first leg was 5km long, the second one 7km, the third 3km, then one of 5km, another one of 3km and the last leg runner had 7km. Every team is free to choose which runner will run which leg. This allows for some tactical choices.

The event itself, near Arlon, using the same type of map as the Belgian 3 days of last year was organised the way a relay should be organised: speaker, a few spectator controls, prewarnings and a nice changeover zone. It was organised by the club ASUB, from Brussels, and they also won the event, but not without a lot of effort.

The clubs that were expected to fight for the victory were hamok, Trol and Omega of Flanders, Asub of Brussels and Ardoc from the German speaking part of Belgium.

On the first leg, only Ardoc was running with a H21 runner. Christian Bastin was challenged by the Asub team with their youth runner Julien Gillet and the hamok team with Greet Oeyen. Trol and Omega lost a few minutes there already and knew they had to play catch-up the next legs. In the sprint to the finish, it was Gillet who finished first, but only a few seconds ahead of Bastin. Oeyen arrived 2 minutes after the leading pair to send hamok in the forest in third place.

Michel Bastin, of Ardoc immediately took the initiative and started to run away from Benjamin Hofmans (ASUB). Your reporter was the second leg runner of hamok and caught up with Hofmans about halfway, but made too many small mistakes to even come closer to Bastin, who managed a clean course and thus increased the lead to 6,5 minutes.

Ardoc placed their weakest link in third position, with mother Bastin up against hamok youngster Tristan Bloemen and Annamari Vierikko of ASUB. It was Bloemen who ran a superb race, putting hamok in the lead, 2 minutes ahead of ASUB. In the meantime, it was already clear that Omega was out of the race, with their Dutch second leg runner Wouter Foppen skipping a control.

The fourth leg reduced the number of teams in the running for a good place to three, as Trol's Wim Vervoort also mispunched. Now we had Wim Hoekx in the forest for hamok, Vinciane Mulpas for Asub and Veronique Bastin for Ardoc. None of the had a very good race, but now Asub and hamok were just seconds apart.

The fifth leg would probably decide the matter, with Martine Taffeiren head-to-head with Philippe Clapuyt. At the second spectator control, they were still within a range of few seconds, but Taffeiren lost some time right before the quarry and had to give Asub a decisive 10 minutes gap. That's the hard part of the terrains in Arlon: once you start missing, you're missing hard.

It looked like the final positions were clear, but that's the thing with orienteering, you're never sure until the finish. Gilles Deneyer of Asub did not lose his advantage, but it was Michael Hennes of Ardoc who ran quite a bit faster than Jeroen van der Kleij, putting Ardoc in second position on the winners rostrum. Actually it was Omega who finished second, but they were already out of the competition as mentioned earlier.

Next year, Trol will be organising the relay in Flanders.

ISF kampioenschap - Middle

Zaterdag werd er op het ISF kampioenschap de Middle Distance gelopen.
Alweer enkele mooie prestaties van de Belgen, we zetten de beste prestaties even op een rijtje...


Meisjes 1
In deze reeks waren de Belgische meisjes elkaar waard.
We vingen Julia Henkes terug op plaats 24, terwijl Nele Put, Susanne Brodel, Ronja Fell en Caro Swolfs op plaats 27,28,29 en 30 prijken.

Meisjes 2
Anable Schneider werd knap 8e. Een hele mooie prestatie na haar 10e plaats op de Long Distance.
De GS M Gorteetti Schule uit St Vith deed het helemaal niet slecht in deze reeks, met nog een 17e en 18e plaats voor respectievelijk Daniela Mausen en Sigrid Brodel.

Jongens 2
Dennis Heck behaalde opnieuw een prachtige 6e plaats, op slechts 3 minuten van de winnaar.
In deze reeks ook nog een verdienstelijke 17e plaats voor Jerome Dieu.


Meisjes 1
Fanny Tilkin behaalde een mooie 17e plaats in deze reeks.

Jongens 1
Toon Melis behaalde een knap resultaat in deze reeks en werd 13e op 3 min van de winnaar. Michaël van Baelen werd mooi 25e.

In de totaaluitslag voor de Middle Distance speelt België geen echte rol van betekenis. Het beste resultaat staat op naam van de M. Goretti Schule te St. Vith, zij behaalden een 8e plaats (op 18 deelnemers) bij de Meisjes1 Scholenploegen en een 7e plaats (op 12) bij de Meisjes 2 Schoolploegen.

Zondag tenslotte werd de 'Friendship Team Event' gelopen. Ditmaal bestond dit event uit een concept à la Wagener, waarbij er 43 posten onder de 3 lopers moesten verdeeld worden. Iedere loper moest individueel een paar posten aandoen, maar een 4-tal posten moesten ze ook als team bezoeken.
Kristof van Bouwel werd met zijn team 3e op deze ludieke wedstrijd.

In 2011 vindt er opnieuw een ISF Kampioenschap plaats, ditmaal in het Italiaanse Udine.

De volledige resultaten zijn hier te vinden.

donderdag, april 16, 2009

Belgen op het ISF-kampioenschap

Momenteel vindt er in de buurt van Madrid, Spanje het ISF kampioenschap plaats voor enkele van onze beloften (15-17 jarigen).

ISF (International Schoolsport Federation) is de internationale federatie van de officiële schoolsportorganisaties in de verschillende landen ter wereld.
Traditioneel zijn er vooral Europese landen aanwezig op deze wedstrijd, met dit jaar ook deelname van exotische landen zoals China en Nieuw Zeeland.

Op ISF wedstrijden wordt er naast de leeftijd ook een onderscheid gemaakt tussen enerzijds 'selectieploegen' en de 'schoolploegen'. Schoolploegen bestaan uit leerlingen die allen naar dezelfde school gaan.

Bij de schoolploegen komen er traditioneel enkele zeer sterke ploegen aan de start, vooral de Scandinavische landen presteren vaak uitmuntend met ploegen uit speciale 'Orientatiescholen'.

België is er vertegenwoordigd als 3 teams: de Vlaamse, Waalse en Duitstalige ploegen.

Het Vlaamse team bestaat uit 2 schoolploegen en 2 selectieploegen die deelnemen in de oudere leeftijdscategorie.

Vandaag werd de eerste wedstrijd gelopen, nl de Long.

Er werden enkele mooie resultaten neergezet.


De duitstalige meisjes Susanne Brodel en Julia Henkes behaalde een 18e en 19e plaats bij de Meisjes 1. Nele Put werd hier verdienstelijk 26e.

Anabel Schneider veroverde een 10e plaats bij de Meisjes 2.

Dennis Heck behaalde een erg mooie 6e plaats bij de Jongens 2.

De duitstalige schoolploegen lijken sterk gescoord te hebben, zij hebben dan ook veel meisjes die actief deelnemen aan de wedstrijden en die we ook op onze nationale wedstrijden regelmatig bovenaan de resultaten aantreffen.

De Vlaamse schoolploegen hadden het duidelijk wat moeilijker in deze technische terreinen. Het gebrek aan ervaring in het buitenland (en bij uitbreiding, oriëntatielopen in het algemeen) speelt hier ongetwijfeld een rol.

Selectieploegen (individuelen)

Michael Van Baelen behaalde een mooie 16e plaats bij de Jongens 1, in deze reeks behaalde Toon Melis, terugkerend na een enkelblessure, een 27e plaats.

De volledige resultaten zijn hier terug te vinden.

Zaterdag wordt er nog de middle distance gelopen en zondag staat de Relay of Friendship op het programma, een aflossing waarbij leerlingen uit verschillende landen aflossingsteams vormen.

maandag, april 06, 2009

Lessons in humility at Orient'Show

Not too many big stars at Orient'Show this year, but that didn't change the intensity of the competitions. The men's final was the closest decision we've seen in Villeneuve D'Ascq and took also the longest time to actually decide who won. The women's class ended up as predicted in our preview. The relay was once again a horror story.

Unlike our SpringCup report, which was perceived as "tabloid like" and "Hoekie like harsh" by some, this report is a quality publication (written entirely from memory). Before compaining about it in the future, De Laatste Post is, indeed, a healthy mix of really good content and cyclo-cross style imaginary WC reports.

The event site

Let's start with the qualifiers on saturday. Since there were less than 64 participants, they would only be training races for the real competitions on sunday and the relay qualification on saturday evening. There was only one unexpected thing to note and that was the appearance of the English running Dave Schorah, we missed him in our preview, but he managed to win one of the 4 qualification races and in addition had the fastest cumulative time over the 4 races. Two other courses were won by Slok's Bruno De Lat and the other one by your reporter. The other favourites didn't dissapoint either, with Pierre-Marie Lesaffre, Thomas van der Kleij and Desmond Franssen performing steady. Newcomer to the Orient'Show concept Ken Peeters, started of badly, but improved his performances throughout the event. Our sixth man, Bram Vyncke had only run a few orienteering races before, but always managed pretty good results too.

How you get and keep people in orienteering

In the women's class, Miek Fabré turned out to be the clear favourite, with mostly Els Talloen and Camille Moulière also finishing quite good. An Frederickx showed she had some room for improvement.

We decided ourselves we were the clear favourites for the relay, with two strong teams: van der Kleij, Franssen, Hoekx (last year's winners) and De Lat, Fabré and Peeters in the second team. And during the race, we finished easily in the first two positions, but we did not know how many penalties we would have suffered. According to the results: 10 each, so both team ended up barely qualifying in the best 8, with 5 minutes penalty time. We don't really believe that of course, we suspect some maps or SI numbers were mangled and some runners took a few faulty butterfly loops because of that. Not that it did matter all that much, since there was news that all teams would be allowed in the final.

Slok team

The 1/4 finals were still a walk in the park for some, with the best runners in separate heats and only competition in one of them. Only one top runner out, with Paul Bolsens not being able to run due to an injury.

The 1/2 finals were serious business, since there were about 8 candidates for the 4 final positions. In heat A, there was Lesaffre, Schorah, Peeters and your reporter, the others, van der Kleij, Franssen, De Lat and Jerome Baudson in the other.

De Lat was the first one to start and immediately ran a superb race in heat B. Next up was your reporter, also racing quite well in heat A. The next change was Schorah's arrival, taking the lead with 8 seconds in heat A. The same thing happened in heat B, with van der Kleij being faster than De Lat. Franssen finished next, beating van der Kleij's time, but had two penalties and was out. Lesaffre also suffered two penalties, but his time was not good enough either. It also wasn't Baudson's day, so the final decision was Peeters's. He ran quite good, but in the end, was 7 seconds too slow to make it to the final.

Women's Final

The women's class was less exciting, but nonetheless full of surprises. Fabré won easily and it was quite clear no-one but herself could loose the title in the final race. Frederickx suprised herself by finishing second and thus making it into the final. The second heat was won by Talloen, with Moulière in second position.

Overall, 6/8 runners in the finals would be Slok runners!

Men's Final participants

You can read about the men's final in Schorah's training log, but we can give you some more details (from behind, that is!).

The start was already problematic for van der Kleij, with his SI start control being too slow. The final had a butterfly in a butterfly and Schorah and your reporter had the hilly part first, while van der Kleij and De Lat had the other part. Schorah was the first one to leave the butterfly, followed shortly by your reporter and van der Kleij and De Lat. I a small hesitation in the labyrinth and van der Kleij and De Lat passed me. More problems: while De Lat was punching the last control in the labyrinth, the SI station got loose and was thrown a few meters back, so vdK and me had to go back to it, loosing valuable seconds and our position nearby. This meant Schorah won and De Lat punched second, vdK third, but van der Kleij ended up receiving the second position because he started a few seconds later.


Then we had to pass the computer: Schorah, two penalties, me, also two, van der Kleij and De Lat 10 penalties! Unbelievable you'd say. Everyone was certain they did not mispunch a control. van der Kleij and De Lat indeed got mixed up in the computer, but they still had two mistakes then, no changes to the final standings there. It turned out everyone picked the same wrong control in the labyrinth and now the three Belgians also realised they had indeed forgot or mispunched another control. Schorah's other mistake is still inexplicable, since the other runners saw him punch the control. (The speaker was too loud in certain parts to clearly hear the SI beep). But the final result was indeed the order in which the runners were ranked after the finish.

Men's podium

Miek Fabré showed her iron nerves during the final, starting as the clear favourite and winning the race, despite two penalties. Talloen finished second, but had three penalties, so she was passed by Moulière and Frederickx, both without mistakes.

Women's podium

Relay Final

Van der Kleij still changing his clothes while the others were starting.

The relay final start was quite chaotic. Our first team, with van der Kleij had starting problems once again (see photo). Some more teams also missed the start (SLOW). Due to the forking it was not really clear who was in the lead, but suddenly van der Kleij had a huge gap to De Lat and so Franssen could start off, controlling the race, with Fabré racing to close the gap (the inverse of the qualifications, where De Lat was the first one to finish). After two runners, it was still Slok 3 in the lead, in front of Slok 2, but the decision was already made, all further efforts by the leading team would be pretty much worthless, since vdK forgot one butterfly loop (presumably because of the catch up he had to do after the start). In the end, Slok 3 finished first, but with 8 penalties. Slok 2 was the real winner, followed by a Guyancourt team and Vervins.

Relay podium

It should also be noted that the first sun of the weekend started to shine right after the prizegiving ceremony, just in time for De Ronde.

vrijdag, april 03, 2009

Preview Orient'Show

The third Orient'Show in Villeneuve d'Ascq (FR) will take place this weekend. The last two editions over there were both won by Thierry Gueorgiou. The king of orienteering in general and Orient'Show in particular will not participate this time, thereby leaving the other participants a chance to win.

Orient'Show is a two-day event. On saturday, 4 individual qualification races with up to 50 controls in a mere 800m will take place and also the relay qualifications. The 8 best teams are qualified for the relay finals on sunday. In the individual competitions the best 64 runners qualify for the A finals.

In the men's class the best French runners are all absent, except for Pierre-Marie Lesaffre, but our knowledge of the French runners is limited, so someone might be able to surprise us. Belgium, on the other hand, is well represented, with 3 top-10 runners and 3 more top-20 runners on the start list.

The top-10 runners are Belgian champion long distance Thomas van der Kleij, his clubmate at OK "bosherten" Desmond Franssen and his clubmate at hamok, your reporter. Together, they won the Orient'Show relay last year. The other runners are Ken Peeters, Dries van der Kleij and Bruno De Lat, although vdK is unsure for the event because of an injury. Peeters is in good shape overall the last few months and De Lat was running strong at the Slok Orient'Show training last tuesday. All of them are candidates for the podium, and the decision who will run in the best relay team will have to be made after the qualifications on saturday. It is clear that Slok is aiming for the relay title again this year.

In the women's class, we have a clear favourite: Miek Fabré, but she is also injured at the moment and not sure if she will be able to complete all races. From Belgium, we also have Els Talloen and An Frederickx, both also performing well at the Slok Orient'Show test races (with courses set by Fabré) on tuesday.

Overall, we think the timing of this event is quite unfortunate, with most of the good runners on training camps all over the world, but the good weather will hopefully still create a good atmosphere during the races.