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woensdag, september 29, 2010

Starttimes Belgian champs middle distance

Starttimes Belgian champs middle distance are ready:


maandag, september 13, 2010

Report Flemish champs long distance

Men Elite:

Fast Pieter Hendrickx made a good start in the forest part. He immediately took the lead, but Geert Simkens came across in the tough open areas of Masy-north. As we said, most stable flemish runner Jeroen Hoekx, took the 3rd spot. Some important outsiders (Desmond, Ken, Thomas vdk) were absent, or unfortunately ran the open course.

1. Geert Simkens 55'55" 5'23"/km
2. Pieter Hendrickx 57'51" 5'34"/km
3. Jeroen Hoekx 58'45" 5'39"/km

Women Elite:

The 2 favorites Greet Oeyen and Kim Geypen disputed a close fight, but in the end, Oeyen took the Flemish title after her Belgian title 2 weeks ago, with only 1 minute.
In the 3rd okace, we find Saartje Sallaerts, she needed about 3'30" more than Oeyen.

1. Greet Oeyen 57'58" 7'23"/km
2. Kim Geypen 59'08" 7'32"/km
3. Saartje Sallaerts 61'35" 7'51"/km

Junior class:

In M18, Van Baelen took the victory, 20" seconds ahead of Melis. Again a close fight between the 2 juniors. This time, Toon wants to take revenge at the National champs Middle distance in 3 weeks (Lommel Sahara)...

Map (Toon Melis - junior class)


Gisteren werd het Vlaams kampioenschap lang gelopen.
Éen der favorieten Pieter Hendrickx nam een goede start en vloog door de bossen.

Maar toen kwam krachtige Simkens en hij zette een paar stevige best-tijden in de gigantische heide en dit was blijkbaar genoeg voor de misschien wewl snellere hendrickx van zich af te houden. Hoeckx liep zoals altijd een stabiele race en werd 3de.

Bij de vrouwen was het Oeyen die haar Belgische titel kon omzetten in eeen Vlaamse. Co-favoriete geypen volgde op een dikke minuut, weer 2 minuten verder, vinden we Saartje Sallaerts.

Author: Michael Van Baelen

Swiss elites runners perform excellently at Jungfrau Marathon

Last weekend, 4027 runners took part in the 18th edition of the Jungfrau Marathon, proudly called the most beautifull marathon course in the world. And indeed, all who have been before at the "Kleine Scheidegg" at the foot of the prominent Eiger, Mönch and Jungfrau will confirm the exceptional beauty of this region. Hence, it must not be surprising that the demand for the only 4000 start positions is overwhelming and many candidates have to be disappointed each year.

More than 1600 height meters have to be overwon. Knowing that the first 25 km until Lauterbrunnen are almost flat, you have to balance your efforts carefully! After 25 km, the route goes steeply up to Wengen, a famous ski resort, and continues up to the foot of the Eiger glacier (2205 m). The last few hundred meters go back down to the ski and hiking station Kleine Scheidegg (2100 m).

Two Swiss elite runners did an excellent performance in the race. Both Marc Lauenstein and Simone Niggli-Luder finished in 2nd position in their category. Marc needed 3h03'01", 6'18" more than five fold mountain run world champion Marco de Gasperi. Halfway he was only positioned 14th, but in an impressive second part he could catch up everybody except Marco. Swiss public favorite Simone was in third position after 37.9 km (2'36" after the leader), and chasing in the last 5 km, she could move up to the second position and finished only 44" after the hungarian winner Simona Staicu in a final time of 3h34'29".

Readers longing for taking part themselves (e.g. participants of the belgian championship mountain running...) can already register here. Act quickly, the start tickets are quickly sold out!

More info

dinsdag, september 07, 2010

Preview Flemish champs long distance

Sunday is D-day for the Flemish orienteers. The race will be held at the legendary map Mazy (map; edition relay Rik Thys 2009). The map is maybe one of Flanders nicest and it never lies. Tough running ánd orienteering. In the Mens class we have lots of candidates. First of all there is Pieter Hendrickx, at the national championship Long distance he showed his great shape with a 2nd place. Is he able to get a new Flemish title this year? Another KOL candidate is Geert Simkens, did he find his old shape again? Then we have 2 Trollers, both part of the winning relay team last week: Ken Peeters and Desmond Franssen. Then we still have maybe the most stable Flemish runner: Jeroen Hoekx. Or maybe outsiders like Joost Talloen and Thomas Hendrickx can surprise? It will be an exciting competition for sure!

Stars Men elite:
*** Pieter Hendrickx
** Geert Simkens, Jeroen Hoekx, Ken Peeters
* Desmond Franssen, Thomas Hendrickx, Joost Talloen

Women elite:
In the women’s class there is no clear favourite. Greet Oeyen was in excellent shape at WOC, and it seems she’s still holding this shape. I think we can say she is slightly the favorite if we look at the results of the national champs long distance. Then there is Kim Geypen, she showed at WOC that she’s able to compete with the best and at last week’s relay, she had the fastest time/km by far! Maybe best Belgian junior so far, Sofie Herremans, can play the third dog?
Outsiders Saartje Sallaerts and Kim Steegen can maybe surprise everybody and take the title?

*** Greet oeyen, Kim Geypen
** Sofie Herremans
* Saartje Sallaerts, Kim Steegen

Junior class:
In the junior classes we can expect an interesting battle in M18.
T. Melis beat M. Van Baelen at the national championship Long with only half a minute.
Last weekend at the relay, they ran together for a long time, fighting to come in first. They made a huge mistakes together just before the spectator control and so, 2 runners could still pass them. In the end Toon came in 3 seconds before Michaël. Rumours are spreading fast, that Michaël is up to revenge! Or maybe Kristof Van Bouwel can be the laughing third?

You can find the startlist here:


Zondag is het weer zover, de hoogmis van de vlaamse regionallekes. Het vlaams kampioenschap lange afstand.
Dit jaar vind het kampioenschap plaats op de legendarische kaart mazy (waar in het verleden al legendarische duels hebben plaatsgevonden)

De titel bij de heren open zal heel spannend worden met meerdere kanidaten voor de titel. Even de topfavorieten op een rij:
Pieter hendrickx 2de op het belgisch kampioenschap lang en hij wil zeker na de gemiste belgische titel een vlaamse titel op zijn palmares zetten.
Geert Simkens 3de op het bk lang en als militair toch zeker niet te onderschatten op de heilige militaire grond van masy
Jeroen hoeckx na een slecht bk zal hij zeker kiem zijn op revanche, en Ken peeters die na een aflossings titel nu ook een vlaamse lang titel kan grijpen?
Wij kijken eralvast naar uit!

Zal Oeyen bij de vrouwen haar belgische titel lang ook kunnen omzetten in een vlaamse? Of wordt het Kim Geypen die op de woc liet zien dat ze op de lang met de beste meekan op de A-finale? Of Sofie herremans die nog eens van de oude glorie wil genieten? Alvast een spannende strijd bij de vrouwen.

Contributors/authors: Michaël & Toon