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maandag, maart 30, 2009

SpringCup in photos and numbers

SpringCup 2009 as experienced by the Belgian team:

Liters of gasoil left in tank: 0

First outdoor meal of the year.
Number of team members with stomach problems: at least 4 (Jeroen x2, Thomas, coach)

First team to arrive at the event.

Number of ordinary Silva headlights in the front row: 2

(An approximation, blinded by the other lights)

First team to arrive at the event.

What am I doing here?

After the Vlaamse Kermis...
Van der Kleij: 39, Peeters 46.

Very fast...

...but just not fast enough.

Kilometers in the forest that day: 0

Kilometers by car: 0

First team to arrive at the event.
Jeroen will not be speaker at the Belgian 3 days, unless he gets a speaker position like this.

Changeover position: 13

Changeover position: 7!

Changeover position: 29
No photos of the final leg runner, but finishing 32nd.

New club found...


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