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zondag, maart 08, 2009

Belgian national team: physical testrun results

It's still early in the season, but yesterday the 1st important activity of the Belgian national team took place. The physical testrun is very important for the athletes to qualify for the WOC selection races in first place and to qualify for WOC2009 in second place. If they don't run faster than 45 minutes (12km for men and 10 km for women), the runners aren't allowed to participate at the WOC selection races for real (during the weekend 1-2-3/05 in Alsace).

At the beginning of the season several national team members started discussions about this selectionrule. Fast running on paths is just one single aspect of orienteering. This physical test could exclude strong mapreaders or powerfull (off-road) runners from the selectionraces, because they don't have enough speed on the road. Running on terrain is a whole different ballgame from running on pavement. It's even possible that training in the forrest makes you slower on the road, but which aspect is the most relevant for orienteering?
Specifity does matter, specially during an important selectionrace...

An interesting quote from Holger Hott in 2005:
"One difference between orienteering and running is that we run in the terrain and up a lot of hills. It demands a different kind of strength. Runners have a different "rhythm" and run with the same stride all the time. Orienteers have a lower cadence, each step is different, the push off* and surface vary the whole time and balance/coordination is entirely different. Speed is also much slower for an orienteer. Do you really need to be able to run faster than 35 minutes/10 km to be nordic champ in Notodenn? [Notodden hosted the Nordic Open Champs in 2005]"

Click on the photo to enlarge and see the detailed results

The male athletes had to run six rounds of around two kilometers (each round 30m uphill) and the female orienteers five rounds.

Men: 12km (180m climb):

1. Fabien Pasquasy        39'40
2. Michel Bastin 42'55
3. Ken Peeters 44'04
4. Quentin de Neyer 44'20
5. Jeroen Hoekx 44'28
6. Joost Talloen 44'31
7. Pieter Hendrickx 44'37
8. Guido Lenges 44'51
9. Thomas van der Kleij 45'10
10. Wannes Hendrickx 47'22
11. Robert Theiss 47'28
12. Hans Talloen 48'07
13. Jeroen van der Kleij NCL
14. Dries van der Kleij NCL
Women: 10km (150m climb):

1. Kim Geypen             40'29
2. Miek Fabre 43'29
3. Saartje Sallaert 46'17
4. Kim Steegen 47'20
5. Greet Oeyen 47'51
6. Vinciane Mulpas NCL
At this moment 8 male runners and 2 female runners succeeded to pass the physical testrun. They can participate at the selection races for sure. The others still have a second opportunity at the end of March.
Hopefully strong runners, like Thomas van der Kleij (Belgian champion long distance - 2nd at the Belgian ranking) and Greet Oeyen (also 2nd at the Belgian ranking) will succeed next month, otherwise some of the best Belgian orienteers will be missing at the selection races.

Detailed results physical testrun 2009


  • At 8/3/09 15:45, Anonymous Fabi Pasquasy said…

    I have another Theory :

    Training always in Forest or Terrain will give you more abilities for Orienteering (I agree and I'm training in that way as I used only road for intervals session). Combine this terrain training with a valuable speed training a week will give you a more powerfull strength and will not make you slower but faster.

    For example: I always compare myself during the O-Season after several O-Competitions being faster in a road or interval sessions. The key ? I have after a lot terrain / running session a better balance and more strengh. Then on road it's much easier to run and therefore I'm faster (and not slower).

    Only based on my little experience...

    and see here the Swiss cross country champs :

  • At 8/3/09 17:51, Anonymous Fabi Pasquasy said…

    Something more...I don't know if they will discuss about it in Sport Council Meeting but I think that Thomas should be inside / included directly. It's not a matter of 10 sec. especially for one of the best orienteer in Belgium.

    I'm sure the others can make it in april !!!

  • At 9/3/09 09:12, Anonymous jan d said…

    do not forget to mention Hott's : famous test-run. In 2006, het set his personal record. One month later, he became World Champion in middle distance...


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