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vrijdag, maart 09, 2018

ASOM 2018: Yannick Michiels entered

Antwerp Sprint Orienteering Meeting organisation is delighted to announce that world’s fastest orienteer, Yannick Michiels, has entered Antwerp Sprint Orienteering Meeting 2018.
This year's edition will take place in Ypres and Courtrai (close to the border with France and Great Britain) in the end of June.

Each year they try to focus on a strong startfield in the elite classes and hopefully a WRE race on Saturday will help. With last year’s winner Yannick Michiels already on the startlist, it looks like a perfect beginning. If you also want to be part of this high quality event, you can register here:
Photo: Foto Sherpa
#ASOM2018 #WRE #FlandersFields

ASOM 2018 Website
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donderdag, januari 04, 2018

Sylvester 5-days: Omova and Bloemen

Last week the Sylvester 5-days took place in the north of Belgium. After 5 stages the victory in womens class was for the Czech runner Michaela Omova. In class H21E Belgian national team runner Tristan Bloemen was clearly the strongest.

Stage 2 - Zwarte Weg - routes Michaela Omova

This 5-days event took place in 5 different places in Flanders. It means that every day you can discover a new kind of terrain. But most maps are rather fast runnable and include many paths and detailed contourlines. The headlight of the 2017 edition was stage 3 on 'Zwarte Weg' in Leopoldsburg with a lot of controls in the trenches.

Podium D21E: Michaela Omova (1), Tereza Janosikova (2) and Greet Oeyen (3)

In class D21E Michaela Omova won 3 out of 5 competitions. For the overall ranking it was a close fight with her Czech friend Tereza Janosikova. The JWOC silver medalist won the other 2 stages and finished in 2nd position overall. The Belgian Greet Oeyen finished in 3rd position, just ahead of the Finnish runner Anna Moilanen.

Omova during the last stage (Photo: Frank Weyler)

The winner Michaela Omova commented about the Sylvester 5-days: This competition was a very nice choice for me how to spend last days of the year. It was perfect to spend it by activities I love, with my orienteering friends, who want to spend it by the same way. I had great time in Belgium and i'm thankful that I could be there. I liked to run every stage in a bit different type of terrain even though it was still flat. But this real flat terrain with a lot of micro relief is not common here in the Czech republic so I enjoyed to explore something new very much. Thanks a lot to the organizers for the efforts, i've enjoyed it very much.

Podium H21E: Tristan Bloemen (1), Joost Talloen (2) and Desmond Franssen (3)

In H21E the fight for the victory was less exciting. Tristan Bloemen won 4 stages and obviously also the overall ranking. Specially the last stage he won with a clear lead. In 2nd spot (with 1 victory) we had Joost Talloen. Desmond Franssen (3rd), Thomas van der Kleij (4th) and junior Mathias Blaise (5th) made it a Belgian top-5.

Stage 1 Horensberg: routes Michaela Omova

Next year same place and same time, we hope to welcome you for Sylvester 5-days 2018 with other interesting maps and terrains.

Website Sylvester 5-days

maandag, november 27, 2017

Sylvester 5-days: next entry deadline

The next entry deadline for Sylvester 5-days in the end of December in Belgium is approaching. Still 3 days to go if you want to experience this event at the cheapest price.

Map extract Zwarte Weg (stage 3)

At the moment we have 140 foreigners who've already entered for the 30th edition of Sylvester 5-days. We also expect more than 300 participants from Belgium. And hopefully even more.

In women elite class we can already announce the participation of JWOC 2017 medal winner Tereza Janosikova (CZE). Also in men elite class we already have athletes from Finland, Russia, Germany, France and Switzerland.

Tereza Janosikova at JWOC in Finland

Sylvester 5-days website
Registration page

woensdag, oktober 04, 2017

30th edition: Sylvester 5-days

Interested in participating at a great 5-days orienteering competition in the end of december? Then the north of Belgium will be the place to be with the 30th edition of Sylvester 5-days.

The Sylvester 5 days are held every year between Christmas and New Year in the northern part of Belgium. It is an organisation from several Belgian clubs. With the Scandinavians training in the snow, there will probably be no white surface during this event. Some years we have had a little bit snow, but never enough to keep the runners out of the forest!

Ausrine Kutkaite (winner WRE Sylvester 2014) in action at WOC2015 and hopefully also at Sylvester 2017.

Fast terrain and high level:
You can’t expect very the most difficult maps in an area like Flanders, but the high running speed combined with a lot of paths and details will still be a challenge. Some of the maps will have tricky sand areas and detailed countourlines as well (specially stages 2 and 3 in 2017). On day 2 you can expect a demanding stage on the map Kattenbos. Day 3 will take place in Leopoldsburg, on a map (Zwarte Weg) famous for its tranches.

Map extract from Sylvester 2015.

It will be fast definitely, with the elites probably running under 5’00/km some days, so it's definately good speed-training! Ofcourse most of the Belgian top elites will be racing there. The previous years always some strong international runners showed up in the elite classes. In class H21E Philippe Adamski (France), Hannu Airila (Finland), Yannick Michiels (Belgium) and Tristan Bloemen (Belgium) were the last winners of the world ranking event. In women's class Amelie Chataing (France) and 2 times Miek Fabré (Belgium) took the victory in 2011-2013 at the Sylvester 5 days WRE. In 2014 the winner was the Lithuanian Ausrine Kutkaite and in 2015 Anastasia Denisova (Belarus).

Tristan Bloemen - last winner Sylvester WRE. Will he succeed to win again in 2017?

Besides the orienteering there is a lot to see and taste in our country:

A lot of tourists come to Belgium for our beautiful cities, and cities like Antwerp, Brussels (see picture), Gent, Leuven and of course Brughes are less than 2 hours by car or train and definitely worth a visit!

Belgium is ofcourse famous for our great beers and chocolate. I haven’t been to many orienteering events in other countries where people are drinking strong beers like Leffe after their race :).

Belgium is pretty central in Europe and has very good transport possibilities. Ryanair has an airport in Charleroi and the airport in Eindhoven (the Netherlands) is even closer to the races. Trains and buses can bring you close to the competition areas from the airport within 2 hours. The national airport near Brussels (Zaventem), also offers quite cheap flights to Brussels.

The website of the event has some suggestions about accomodation.
Because Belgium is so tiny, most orienteers just drive from home every day, so there won’t be a camping site or sports hall or so where everybody stays.

Entries have to be made before 1st of december. Entry fee is only 40 euro for 5 days of orienteering!! (late entry is more expensive).
Registration is possible on the orienteeringonline website.

Invitation Sylvester 5 days 2017

If you have any questions about this event, add a comment to this post or contact the organizers from the event’s website!

dinsdag, april 18, 2017

Antwerp Sprint Orienteering Meeting 2017

Only 12 days left to register for ASOM 2017, a 2-days sprint event in Antwerp (Belgium) at 13th and 14th of May. The highlight of the Belgian Sprint calendar includes 2 sprint races on Saturday and a middle/long distance urban race on Sunday. 

Also this year the organisation has the same concept and ambitions, although the races will take place on 3 new maps (Mastvest, Kielpark and 't Steen). The goal from ASOM is to introduce orienteering to non-orienteering people and convince them about the beauty of our sports. On the other they want to organise a high level sprint competition with international athletes and the best Belgians at the startline. This years event will be the first time ever that SportIdent Air+ will be used in Belgium (provided for all participants).

Tim Robertson (2016) and Yannick Michiels (2015) both won ASOM before

The top-5 in men and women elite at ASOM 2017 will win prize money (500 euro for a victory). The best elite runners will be rewarded for their performances. Also a lottery will take place for all participants with as best prize 1000 euro.

The coursesetter posing at 't Steen

At the moment the previous winners of ASOM in class H21E have already announced that they will show up at the startline. Both Yannick Michiels (BEL) and Tim Robertson (NZL) are motivated to take a 2nd overall victory. In womens class Anna Serrallonga (ESP) and Laura Robertson (NZL) already confirmed their participation.
Also the best Belgian sprint athletes will show up because it counts as a Belgian testrace for WOC 2017 in Estonia.

Only 12 days left untill the registration of Asom closes for the weekend runners. You will have untill Sunday 30/04 to register at !! Don't miss this unique event in Antwerp!

ASOM 2017 website
ASOM 2017 Facebook

donderdag, juni 09, 2016

Antwerp Sprint Orienteering Meeting 2016

Tomorrow it's the last day to register for ASOM 2016, a 2-days sprint event in Antwerp (Belgium) at 25th and 26th of June. Last year the first edition took place with 2 sprint races on Saturday and a middle distance urban race on Sunday. 

ASOM 2016 mapsample

Also this year the organisation has the same concept and ambitions, although the races will take place on 3 new maps. The goal from ASOM is to introduce orienteering to non-orienteering people and convince them about the beauty of our sports. On the other they want to organise a high level sprint competition with international athletes and the best Belgians at the startline.

In class H21E we expect for sure the Belgian sprintspecialists Yannick Michiels and Tristan Bloemen on the startlist. Probably also some other national team members will show up. The international athletes for 2016 are: Tim Robertson (NZL), Jonas Gvildys (LTU), Andrea Seppi (ITA), Chris Smithard (GBR), Dane Blomquist (GBR), Rafal Podzinski (POL), Soren Riechers (GER), Marc Serrallonga (ESP),...

ASOM 2016 mapsample

Also in women's class the participantslist starts to look good. We already can announce Galina Vinogradova (RUS), Lea Vercelotti (FRA), Charlotte Ward (GBR), Kirstin Maxwell (GBR), Ona Rafols (ESP), Anna Serrallonga (ESP), Tekle Gvildyte (LTU) and some of the best Belgian athletes at Asom 2016 edition.

One day left untill the registration of Asom closes for the weekend runners. You will have untill Friday 23.59 to register at !! Don't miss this unique event in Antwerp!

ASOM 2016 website
ASOM 2016 Facebook

woensdag, december 30, 2015

Sylvester 5days: final stage

The final stage of the Sylvester 5-days took place in Ravels. The race was organised in the same forest as yesterday, but this time the south part of the map was used. The runnability was better than yesterday and most participants enjoyed it more.

In class H21E Christoph Brandt showed again why he won the overall ranking by also winning the last stage. While his opponents got more tired day by day, he kept his best performance for the last stage. He almost made no mistakes and also his runningspeed was impressive. Finally he won the race by 1'42" ahead of Marvin Goericke.
Pieter Hendrickx and Bojan Blumenstein were still in a close fight for the silver medal in the overall ranking. The Belgian worldchampion finished 2 seconds ahead of Blumenstein (4th today) and secured his 2nd spot. Ueli Werren and Moritz Dollgast completed the top-6 today.

The German delegation enjoyed the Sylvester 5-days and the sunny weather

In women's class Greet Oeyen again performed strong today. She won the final stage and the overall victory. She enjoyed the course very much and specially wanted to thank todays coursesetter for his great job.
By absence of Josephine Greiner, Liesbeth van de Velde could secure the 2nd spot in the overall ranking today. She finished 2'41" behind Oeyen. Salome Schweizer from Suisse finished 3rd and completed the podium today.

In junior class, the Flemih junior coach organised the Junior Cup (a competition with a knock-out system). Today the finals took place between Klaas Mellebeek and Simon Krekels. Mellebeek succeeded to win the overall 5-days competition, but the Junior Cup was won by Simon Krekels.

Klaas Mellebeek and Simon Krekels posing for delaatstepost-camera

Thanks to the Flemish federation, the clubs and the volunteers to make the Sylvester 5-days again an enjoyable event. Thanks to the participants for their presence and performances. Hopefully we'll see you again in the end of december 2016.

Results stage 5
Splittimes stage 5
Map stage 5 (H21E - Desmond Franssen)
Map stage 5 (H21E - Bojan Blumenstein)
Overall ranking
Ravels-zuid (old map by other mapmaker - 2013)

dinsdag, december 29, 2015

Sylvester 5days: again Germany and Oeyen

Today Germany took a 3rd victory in class H21E. This time it was Bojan Blumenstein who was the strongest in Ravels. In women's class Greet Oeyen took her 2nd victory in 4 days.

The 4th stage took place in Ravels. The terrain is different compared with the previous days. First of all it was totally flat, almost no contourlines. The runability was worse than yesterday and the map was renewed by a Lithuanian mapmaker. Finally it looks like the terrain suited Bojan Blumenstein very well. The German athlete is used to tough terrains in Norway and won the race by 13 seconds ahead of Christoph Brandt (who is almost sure about the overall victory now). Pieter Hendrickx finished 3rd after a mistake at control 12.
Bjarne Friedrichs (GER), Ueli Werren (SUI) and Johann Tinchant (FRA) completed the top-6.

Bojan Blumenstein in action at WOC 2015 (mixed sprint relay)

In women's class Denisova and Geypen were absent today (and tomorrow). Greet Oeyen secured the overall victory by winning the 4th stage in Ravels. Specially in the end she was stronger than her opponent Liesbeth van de Velde. We are curious if she'll also try to win the last stage (with her husband as coursesetter) or she'll give a christmaspresent to her opponents.
Josephine Greiner (GER) finished as 3rd today and will fight for the silver medal tomorrow against van de Velde.

Results stage 3
Splittimes stage 3
Map (H21E - Desmond Franssen)
Map (H21E - Bojan Blumenstein)
Overall ranking

maandag, december 28, 2015

Sylvester WRE: Bloemen and Denisova

In an exciting race, Tristan Bloemen won the third stage and World Ranking Event of the Sylvester five-days 2015. Christoph Brandt had to settle for second place after his victories in the first two stages. Running perhaps even slightly faster than Bloemen, the German lost too much time in small mistakes near the control circle compared to the fresh Belgian, who took a break from studying to win today's race.

Map H21E (routechoices D. Franssen)

The open forests of Pijnven proved once again to be worthy of a high level race, where every second time loss is one second too much. Tough running through the grass lead to third place Bojan Blumenstein being 1:34 behind. The German of Nydalens SK could never really match the pace of the two leaders and had some mistakes, but still secured his spot by more than 40 seconds, thanks to a late mispunch of Benjamin Anciaux.

Anastasia Denisova repeated her stellar performance of yesterday and outclassed the competition again. Losing only 3 splits along the way she was in a league of her own today. Kim Geypen in second place and Greet Oeyen in third couldn't match the pace nor avoid mistakes like the Belarussian did. Oeyen however, increased her lead in the overall Sylvester ranking.

The next two stages will bring a complete change of terrain as the slow contours of day 1 and the sand dunes of days 2 and 3 will be replaced by completely flat terrain with very distinct vegetations.

Bloemen in Brand(t)

Het was vandaag op Pijnven nuttig dat het grootste brandweerkorps van de regio op een goede 500m vogelvlucht van het wedstrijdterrein gekazerneerd is (al kunnen wij niet nalaten te vermelden dat Anciaux daar óók al weg is gegaan). Het tempo van Tristan Bloemen en Christoph Brandt was namelijk verschroeiend vandaag tijdens de WRE van de Sylvester vijfdaagse.

Bloemen stond duidelijk gemotiveerd aan de start: kort broekje, singletje, crossschoenen, maar dan met titanium studs uit een paar VJ Bolds erin. De goede tijden van het Crosscupseizoen zorgden er dan ook voor dat de ex-hamokker geen enkele reden had om aan zichzelf te twijfelen.

Brandt stond evenzeer met vertrouwen aan de startlijn. Ging al twee dagen met de overwinning lopen, waarbij zelfs wat foutjes loopsgewijs rechtgezet konden worden.

Beide heren waren dan ook aan elkaar gewaagd gedurende de hele wedstrijd. Splits op benen zonder fout waren nagenoeg identiek, maar het waren uiteindelijk 30 seconden verliestijd op post 12 die de Duitser de das omdeden.

Niet op de finishfoto, maar wel op de derde plaats op het podium, vinden we de volgende Duitser, de voor zijn Noorse club Nydalens uitkomende Bojan Blumenstein.

Bij de dames was het lang niet zo spannend. De Wit-Russische Anastasia Denisova was een klasse te sterk voor de Belgische dames. Ze was bijna 5 minuten sneller dan Kim Geypen en een dikke 6 minuten voor Greet Oeyen, die wel haar leiderspositie in de Sylvester vijfdaagse kon uitbouwen. Oeyen begon naar eigen zeggen de vermoeidheid te voelen, maar daar lijkt de concurrentie al evenzeer last van te hebben.

Morgen en overmorgen verhuist het circus naar Ravels, waar deze zomervijfdaagse in de winter zijn ontknoping zal krijgen.

zondag, december 27, 2015

Sylvester 5days: Brandt and Denisova

Today the 2nd stage of Sylvester 5-days took place in the Netherlands, Ossendrecht. The map hasn't been used since the Belgian middle distance championships 2008. It was more than 7 years ago that this beautiful terrain was used for orienteering.

Map D21E (with routechoices from Anastasia Denisova)

In class H21E Christoph Brandt had an early starttime today. He had a good race untill he made a big mistake at the 16th control in the open area. His speed in this tough terrain was good enough to compensate this mistake and he won the race ahead of Pieter Hendrickx (2nd).
Both Sergey Fedatsenka (3rd) and Desmond Franssen (4th) lost more than 1min30 at the 14th control, which wasn't placed correctly (even outside the controlcircle) by the organisors. But even without this mistake they weren't able to beat Brandt today.
Thomas van der Kleij (5th), Jeroen Hoekx (6th), Bojan Blumenstein (7th) and Ueli Werren (8th) are still fighting for the podium in the overall ranking. Also the young Swiss runner lost crucial time at control 14 and made a big mistake towards the 2nd last control.

Trolrunners analysing the race with the coursesetter at the finish

In women's class the Belarus national team runner, Anastasia Denisova was outstanding. She liked todays terrain, but she expected a more challenging coursesetting. "It was a pitty that some technical (green parts with detailed contourlines) areas weren't used in todays course. My performance was good and stable. I felt strong and only made a mistake at control 10".
Ausrine Kutkaite (LTU) finished 2nd more than 4 minutes behind. Greet Oeyen (leading the overall ranking) finished 3rd, ahead of Kim Geypen (4th), Indre Valaite (5th) and Josephine Greiner (6th).

Anastasia Denisova at WUOC 2014 (2nd in sprint distance)

Results stage 2
Splittimes stage 2
Map H21E (Desmond Franssen)
Map D21E (Anastasia Denisova)
Map and article (Ausrine Kutkaite)