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dinsdag, mei 05, 2015

3 days of Belgium in photos

Last weekend the 3 days of Belgium took place in Vlessart. This event was won by Ionut Zinca (ROU) in H21E and by Anna Serrallonga (ESP) in D21E.  All participants enjoyed the interesting maps and good organisation. Below you can see some photos from the 2nd stage, a world ranking middle distance race. Below the photos you find the maps and results from last weekend.

Evert Leeuws preparing JWOC by competing in class H21E. 

Normally he writes the articles and takes the photos, now you see him finishing: Jan Kocbach (17th in WRE middle distance). 

Jeremy Genar is ready for next weekend: the Belgian sprint championships and last selection race for WOC2015. He finished 2nd at the 1st stage and 4th in the overall ranking.

Thomas van der Kleij had problems with his compass during the WRE stage, but finished 2nd the last stage and also 2nd in total. He's ready to run leg 1 at tiomila with OK Skogshjortarna next weekend.

Tomas Hendrickx into the finish with the Italian Giacomo Zagonel right behind him. Hendrickx finished 3rd in total.

Clement Demeuse representing FRSO at 'Coupe des Pays Latins'. He won the sprint race on friday. 

Maria Prieto del Campo representing Spain in D18 and overclassing her opponents. In the background some spectators are having fun.  

Ionut Zinca (ROU) won the overall ranking from the 3 days of Belgium and finished 3rd in the WRE. 

Javier Ruiz representing Spain in class H21E. 

Anna Serrallonga (ESP) won all stages from Coupe des Pays Latins, including the WRE middle distance. Also she won the overall ranking from the 3 days of Belgium in D21E. 

Liesbeth van de Velde into 3rd spot at the WRE middle distance. Next weekend she'll fight for the title at the Belgian sprint championships and try to qualify for WOC. 

Mira Scheir on the way to her first WRE podium. She finished 2nd and best Belgian in D21E. 

Also in class H35 the level was high with some toprunners. The victory finally was for Fabien Pasquasy. 

The WRE podium in D21E: Liesbeth van de Velde - Anna Serrallonga - Mira Scheir 

 The WRE podium in H21E: Pieter Hendrickx - Giacomo Zagonel

The podium from Coupe des Pays Latins middle distance: Lia Patscheider - Anna Serrallonga - Veronica Minoiu. 

The podium from Coupe des Pays Latins middle distance: Ionut Zinca - Giacomo Zagonel - Javier Ruiz.

The map from the sprint in Citadelle de Montmedy (course: D21E)

Stage 1 - Fagne de Piwé (Results - Map H21E - D. Franssen)
Stage 2 - WRE - Coquen wé (Results - Map H21E)
Stage 3 - Misbour (Results - Map H21E - D. Franssen)
Total results

See you next year at 3 days of Belgium 2016. Join the facebook event 3 days of Belgium 2016.