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donderdag, april 30, 2009

van der Kleij and Geypen take victory at Arenbergpark

On Wednesday evening, SLOK's annual spring evening sprint race took place in the beautiful surroundings of Arenberg park. Although not as impressive an organisation as last year's mass start event, some 232 runners turned up to compete on the very fast park terrains. Amongst them were some 70 students from Ghent University.

In the men's A class, Thomas van der Kleij (legs shown on the left) once again proved his physical shape by winning by a 1' 7" margin ahead of Desmond Franssen. The runners, both being the only DSQ in last Sunday's Belgian middle distance champs, caught up with each other together during the race. Trol's flying Frank Buytaert managed to get hold of the third spot after going very deep, judged by his facial expression after the race.

In the women's class, the shared second spot of the middle distance champs fought for victory on the borders of the river Dijle: Kim Geypen won before Greet Oeyen with a wide margin of some 5' 30". Third came Kim Steegen, clear winner of the WC last winter.



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