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donderdag, april 26, 2012

Bruges-O weekend video and song

Bruges O-weekend on the 2nd and 3rd of June is coming closer. CORNFLAKE created a catchy orienteering song and Tristan guides you through the competition area in Bruges in the promo video:

That's where you should expect to run in Sunday's City-Orienteering. Navigate through a maze of Medieval buildings, find bridges over the canals and generally enjoy the atmosphere in Bruges.

On Saturday, two sprint races are held nearby and the recreational orienteering activities will introduce outsiders to orienteering.

Entries through OrienteeringOnline are still open! All information can be found at the Bruges O-weekend homepage.

woensdag, april 25, 2012

Gp Melis: Over 50 entries and Belranking

Exactly in 2 weeks the GP Melis will take place in Heidehuizen. We are happy to announce that we now have over 50 entries, including a lot of top runners. The registration will close in one week, so if you still want to join this mass start event, don't hesitate. We are aiming for 75 people at the start line. We also can tell you that the competition is added as a belranking.

Entries are still possible!

To win this high level event, the runners will need good physical skills for sure. But runners will be more stressed in this one man relay because of having contact with their opponents during the whole race. Of course it's not all about following the other runners. The loops will split up all the favorites so they will need their orienteering skills too. Curious who will win this event? Below you can see the names of the favorites.

Top favorites in men class: (8/20 belranking)
Yannick Michiels
Desmond Franssen
Pieter Hendrickx
Jeroen Hoekx
Joost Talloen
Ken Peeters
Benjamin Anciaux
Tomas Hendrickx

We can also add Alexander Lubina to this list of favorites. He already performed strong in the mass start by night (same concept) in 2009. On the map 'Heidehuizen' the Flemish night relay took place in 2010. Here we already saw a strong performance from Yannick Michiels (winning the 1st leg ahead of Benjamin Anciaux and Jan Oeyen). This year he's even in better shape and the big favorite in 2 weeks.
There are still missing some other strong Flemish and Belgian runners on the start list, for example still no sign of any Van Der Kleij so far.

Women: (3/20 belranking)
Miek Fabre
Catherine Hoofd
Nancy Wenderickx

In women class, Miek Fabre and Catherine hoofd are the best ranked runners on the start list and of course the favorites. At the moment still no sign of Oeyen, Geypen or Sallaerts.

Race Details:
Mass-start with immediately 3 different loops. After about 4.5km you come in the last part. The finish will be 1.5 km after that, so we'll have 6km in total.
There will be an arena with a speaker at the finish and the runners will pas there 2 times.

Arena Map:
Follow us:

zaterdag, april 14, 2012

GP Melis: Mass start by twilight

Remember the mass start by night in 2009? Imagine the same thing but during twilight. This event will take place during one of the wednesday evening competitions. We are happy to invite you at mass start by twilight the 9th of May at Heidehuizen (in Balen). The family Melis will take care of the organisation with Toon as coursesetter.

The ultimate preperation for the MSBT will be tiomila the weekend before, last time to test your legs and orienteering skills in this preparation event. At MSBT we can expect exciting courses with fine orienteering, demanding route choices and fast running in a forest area. We hope that it is going to be a nice clash between the best juniors, seniors and veterans! Both men and women. We already can announce 3 athletes in men class: Jeroen Hoekx, Desmond Franssen and Michael Van Baelen.

Haven't started training yet? Well it is always possible to follow the race as spectator after you did your own individual course. There will be an attractive arena and a spectatorscontrol and speaker.

MSBT course infomation:
Map: Heidehuizen Balen (1/7.500)
Distance: 6km
Start: 19:30hr
Entries : here (only for 6km mass start)
Also 2 other individual courses (3 and 5km) are available for the people who don't like the violence.
Entry deadline: 1/05
no torches required!
Toon - Luc - Greet - Elien