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zondag, april 26, 2009

Belgian champs middle distance

Today the Belgian championships middle distance took place in Recht (in the same area than the Belgian champs long distance 2008).

In mens class (H21E) Fabien Pasquasy was outstanding today. Despite some mistakes, he won more than 4 minutes ahead of 'homerunners' Michel Bastin and Guido Lenges. The fight for the podium was very close, Jeroen Hoekx and Robert Theiss lost less than 30sec compared to Michel (2nd).
Thomas van der Kleij, who won the long distance champs in 2008, was disqualified today.

(Michel Bastin, Kim Geypen, Fabien Pasquasy, Elisabeth Henkes and Guido Lenges)

Junior runner Elisabeth Henkes took the victory in womens class. Here the fight for the victory was even closer: 5 runners finished within 1 minute! Miek Fabre, back after injury, was on her way to the victory. But at the 13th control she made a 2min mistake, so she finally finished in 4th position. Greet Oeyen, who didn't make big mistakes, became 2nd. Kim Geypen (also 2nd) and Elisabeth Henkes (1st), both made 1 mistake (40 seconds) but Elisabeth was the proud winner in the end.

Map (H21E)

Antwerp 10-miles:
25550 runners were present in Antwerpen to run a 10 miles event. Also some orienteers were present and surprisingly one of them took the victory. Trol-member Koen Wilssens won the race (16km - 49'03) ahead of Hans Janssens and Koen Neven.

Article Antwerp 10miles (Dutch)


  • At 26/4/09 21:34, Anonymous Anoniem said…

    Kleine correctie: ik werd niet derde. Kim Geypen en ik hadden exact dezelfde eindtijd.

    Greet Oeyen

  • At 26/4/09 21:52, Anonymous Anoniem said…

    het artikel is aangepast.. ik was inderdaad iets te snel geweest.

  • At 27/4/09 23:10, Blogger dries said…

    Geen commentaar deze keer over de starttijden...
    Deze waren dan ook perfect in orde!
    Een voorbeeld.

    Weinig commentaar ook over de baanlegging. Wat mij betreft dik in orde... maximum uit de kaart gehaald

    Wil wel eens graag de wegkeuze van Robert Theiss weten naar post 5.

  • At 28/4/09 07:34, Anonymous Fabi said…

    Well, I wonder which route Robert took to the 5th control too. I think a lot of people lost times there but he is still 21 seconds faster than anyone else...

    Does he know that area ?

    North route choice was the best.

  • At 28/4/09 09:52, Blogger dries said…

    I took north route choice: compass to the yellow. and further to the parking place. Only loosing a few seconds by not taking the path between yellow and parking place.

    Maybe he took south route choice and jumped off the cliff.

  • At 28/4/09 23:38, Anonymous BrunoDL said…

    I also think that the start times in the Open categories are a very fair example how the start list of a BC Middle distance should be organised! Fair and objective!

    considering control 5:
    I was surprised I had the second best time, because I lost some seconds by climbing in a dark green depression and went out of it again, just in front of the parking area.
    The best route choice for sure was to keep left all the time, into the open area, and take the small connection on the left side (what i didn't do) to get on the parking area from which it was easy to reach the control.


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