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dinsdag, januari 29, 2008

Results Testrun juniorteam

On saturday (26/01) a part of the Belgian junior team (the Flemmish runners) tested their current form. The testrun included 2 loops for the girls and three loops for the boys. The length of each loop was 2,4km and included 2 climbings. In total the federation will organise 5 testruns and every athlete has to participate in at least three of them. The next one takes place on saturday 16/02.

Results boys: 7200m:
1. Wouter Leeuws 33'57 (11'15 - 11'15 - 11'27)
2. Adriaan Pelckmans 37'47 (12'00 - 13'03 - 12'44)
3. Frederik Meynen 39'42 (12'22 - 13'47 - 13'33)

Results girls: 4800m:
1. Elisabeth Henkes 27'44 (13'38 - 14'06)
2. Sien Verdeyen 29'36 (14'37 - 14'59)

(because of their examination period a lot of students weren't able to participate)

source: Junior website

zondag, januari 27, 2008

Delobel Outstanding - District championship

Bart Delobel (left) was outstanding at todays district championship. Delobel has some explanations for his good result. "I have been training good since some months now. Different from before I did more power training this winter and I improved my technical orienteering skills. But I think the main reason for my good performance is that I stopped going to party's. I'm too old for this now and i'm focussing onehundred percent on my orienteering carreer. I did only some minor mistakes on the 6th and 9th control. I only lost some more time in the end where i ran into a barbed wire." Two days ago Geert Simkens was still faster than Delobel, but now he had to be happy with the 2nd spot. "The military competition was a training for me, I had a though week, so I took it easy there." Delobel comments on the side of the comming juniorstar Sien Verdeyen. Tomas Hendrickx completed the podium.

Veerle Tulleneers won with a small margin the womens class in front of Kim Geypen, 2 controls before the finnish Geypen was still in the lead. Greet Oeyen (who made a big mistake towards the 12th control) was almost 5 minutes behind on the 3th place.

Sien Verdeyen & Bart Delobel - Winners (picture:

H21E - 10,8km
1. Bart Delobel 52:19
2. Geert Simkens 55:08
3. Tomas Hendrickx 58:06
4. Dries van der Kleij 60:58
5. Yves Briers 61:01
6. Tomas Hendriksson: 61:41

D21E - 9,1 km
1.Veerle Tulleneers 61:30
2. Kim Geypen 61:37
3. Greet Oeyen 66:00
4. Saartje Sallaerts 66:07
5. Lieke Van Opstal 70:37
6. Ellen Omblets 77:12

Noël Nijsten - Winner H40


donderdag, januari 24, 2008

Preview Flemish district champ long distance

A busy o-week in Flanders (north part of Belgium); 4 competitions in 5 days. Yesterday a night orienteeringcompetition was organised on the challenging map 'Sahara'. Nearly the whole race took place in the technical part, visible on this mapextract.
In the mens class the victory went to Jochen Verdeyen closely followed by Wim Vervoort. They managed to run without making big mistakes, like Joost Talloen (5th) did. Also Thomas Henriksson (3th), Wannes Hendrickx (4th) and Frans Laenen (6th) didn't reach the finnish without mistakes.
In the womens competition the victory went to Greet Oeyen, the only participator in the A-class. She started very strong and secure with a 2nd best time (first leg) in the mens class. At the end she lost some time compared with the men. In the B-class the victory went to youngster Sien Verdeyen.
Tommorow (on friday) a military event will take place on the map Helchterenbos(1), once again a qualitymap(2). One day later Trol will organise a regional event in 'Het Leen'. And finally on sunday, the climax of the weekend.

The Flemish disctrict championship long distance organised by Omega on the map 'Weyervlakte'. Last year the national championship relay took place in the same area. In the H21E class some good runners will be present. We can expect a close fight between Bart Delobel, Geert Simkens, Joost Talloen and maybe Thomas Hendrickx or other outsiders. You also can find Thomas van der Kleij on the startlist, but he's still injured.
Last year Pieter Hendrickx took the victory, but it's still a big question or he will participate in many competitions this year. The second place went to Jan Gilot, who will become father in a very close future (Congratulations in advance). So the only participator of last years podium will be Bart Delobel (who became 3th in 2007). He told us that the 3 runners performed at high level during the championship in 2007. If we take a look at the min/km-times we understand why. This year his first goal is the first national event (Dilsenerbos) closely followed by the match (in the end of february and the beginning of march). But the race on sunday will be a good opportunity to test his current form.

In the D21E class we can expect a fight between Veerle Tulleneers (winner in 2007), Greet Oeyen and Kim Geypen. Saartje Sallaerts will make (officially) her first appereance in the +21class and maybe she will be able to surprise us. Miek Fabre is still too busy with her exams, so she will be absent.

The important races are comming closer, so we'll have a chance to observe which runners trained hard this winter during this busy o-week. I mentionned 4 nice competitions during this 5 days, but it was even possible to participate in a 5th competition. Yesterday a school-O-event was organised and some youngsters got introduced with this very nice sport. And if you're still not satisfied, you can go and take a look to the physical testrun of the national juniorteam, also on saturday, in Lummen.

Startlist Flemish Championship
Results Night-O (23/01)
Results School-competition (23/01)
Results Military event (25/01)
Split-times Military event (25/01)
Results regional event (26/01)
Results Kol-clubchampionship (26/01)
Results Flemish Championship (27/01)

woensdag, januari 23, 2008


Just some added value to the map samples of the 3 days of Belgium.

Don't hesitate to give comments about the route choices.

maandag, januari 21, 2008


Belgium has got great orienteering opportunities in the whole country. Where the north has its dunes, the south has it's hilly terrain with sometimes detailed vegetation which can make orienteering very difficult.
Every year the organisation of the 3 days of Belgium shifts from north to south or visa versa. And it shifts from may to august as well. This year it is in may and totally in the South, in the military terrains of Arlon. A lot of Belgians look forward to run in that area again since it probably is one of the most beautiful terrains of the country.
There will also be a World Ranking Event, so we can expect some top runners from our neighbouring countries France, UK and Germany; and maybe even Switzerland or Sweden as happened in the past.

the 3 Days of Belgium will be on 10,11 and 12 may. Below you find some map samples. Maps have been made by Orest Kotylo. The first deadline to register is 31 jan 2008.

zondag, januari 20, 2008

Wintercriterium Ham

With most good runners now competing in the Karrim'Hoc in the Ardennes, the time seemed right to score some easy Wintercriterium points at today's event in Ham.

We've got some interesting theories on why they are so important coming in a minute, but let's first talk about the event itself, organized by hamok at the appropriately titled map of Ham.

The map is not really hard, with quite some brambles around and we heard Serge Baert, 5-th place in the A-race saying that "everywhere he seemed to be leaving the paths people somehow decided to place some fallen trees in his way". The smart thing to do in such a situation is, of course, to not leave the paths, which brings us to the most challenging part of the map and our area in general, the dense path networks, easy as ever to lose track of them while running at high speed.

In the A-class, it was your reporter who went home with the 1000 points, quite unexpectedly as our immediate reaction after the race was pretty bad, as usual, some might argue, but let's not say that and point the finger at some stomach problems as yesterday's mussels where not an ideal preparation for such a tough race and most off all quite a few bad route choices, as can be seen on the map. In second position, we found Yves Briers, 1'28 behind, clearly regaining shape after his marriage. Trol's Swedish runner Tomas Henriksson took the third place, right in front of current WC leader and last year's winner Wannes Hendrickx.

In the women's classes, it's not quite clear which course we should talk about, but we've somehow decided that we're going to say that Kim Steegen won there. She was some five minutes faster than Lieke Van Opstal (both KOL).


The current leader in the WC is Wannes Hendrickx, roughly 1600 points ahead of myself and 1800 points better than Jan Oeyen, to whom De Laatste Post has given some media attention lately. Today's event brought me closer to Hendrickx. This is very important, since one of the lessons we've learned is that people value more top rankings in regional events higher than good rankings in the events that really matter. That's at least one of the things an analysis of hamok's new years whishes taught us.

This follows from a simple comparison of the number of times people appointed your reporter or his training- and clubmate Thomas van der Kleij as the o-man of the year. Let's look at the big events of last year. I was exactly nowhere to be found at any of them, except perhaps the fourth national event on my home map and the sprint champs that don't count towards the ranking there. Van der Kleij was always better than me, except the second national event in Betâne, yet he only gets 3 votes (we refrain from further commenting on either "bias" or "joke"), while I get 7 honorable mentions, despite my inability to see the summer as anything more than a resting period. This pretty much proves our thesis. Someone even commented as "Jeroen Hoekx, for his nice results", while Thomas's reasons don't go further than "Thomas vdK since he writes beautiful articles for De Laatste Post", rather anonymously said by E.M., 1103, a number we've quickly checked in the runners database during our resultservice duty today (what's it with all this anonymous commenting these days, sheesh). This discovery of identity, leads us to another observation, but we digress.

Anyway, with only three more WC races to go, we'd like to believe that anything is still possible, except that it's not. In the D21 class, it seems like Kim Steegen is going to win, as she's currently more than 2000 points ahead of Lieke Van Opstal and some 3000 points better than Greet Oeyen.

dinsdag, januari 15, 2008

Flemish Match selection

The match or "interland" is an annual competition between England, The Netherlands, Flanders, Walloon region and Nordrhein-Westfalen of Germany.

This year's event will take place near Weert, in The Netherlands. De Laatste Post has written two articles on the last event about the interland maps. They are worth a reread if you want to come prepared.

Today, the Flemish team has been announced.

The team:


Elke Verdeyen, Charlotte Theys, Jill Deijgers


Sien Verdeyen, Nele Put, Lith Lefranc


Miek Fabré, Elien Melis, Heleen Caelen


Kim Geypen, Greet Oeyen, Veerle Tulleneers


Leen Wouters, Alexandra Baes, Els Put


Lisette Eyckmans, Lieve Geens, Marie-Kristine Lenaerts


Magda Goffin, Gilberte Mariën, Maria Delarbre


Arno Keuppens, Evert Leeuws, Dieter Marinus


Yannick Michiels, Frederik Meynen, Michaël Van Baelen


Wouter Leeuws, Jeremy Genar, Gert Claes


Geert Simkens, Jan Oeyen, Bart Delobel


François Jacobs, Martin Beckers, Frans Laenen


Wim Hoekx, Roger Vanaken, Jos Gilot


Georges Deferme, André Bukenbergs, Jozef Den Trooster

The first two runners of each category were selected during last sunday's WC event in Sonnisheide, with a challenging course setting by our very own Yves Briers. The third runner and the reserves (not mentioned here) are selected by the teams commision.

With such a team, the English should better be scared and start training :-) More specifically, IF Brahe's Bart Delobel was not too shy to show his impressive shape at today's training run.

zondag, januari 06, 2008

Poll: Gouden Kompas - Boussole d'Or

The Golden Compass is a price for the best achievement of the year for a Belgian orienteering. The price is given by the national orienteering federation after voting by all board and commission members. In 2006 the compass was won by Jan Gilot and Pieter Hendrickx in an ex-aequo. For 2007 the voting will soon be finished and probably anounces in the beginning of february.

De laatste post made a short list of our favourites, with some of their best results and achievements this year. And now we ask you: "Who do you expect to win the golden compas?".

1. Elisabeth Henkes

- Belgian Champion: Long (D18)
- Jec Long 4th (D18)
- Oringen D18E 17th

2. Fabien Pasquasy

- WOC Long final: 23
- Belgian Champion: Middle
- Jukola: 3th on leg 1.
- Belgian Elite ranking: 1st

3. Jan Gilot

- Belgian Champion: Long
- Belgian Champion: Sprint

4. Miek Fabré

- Belgian Champion: Long (D20)
- Belgian Champion: Middle (Djun)
- JEC sprint: 5th (D20)
- Oringen D20: 1st

5. Jeremy Genar

- Oringen H18: 1st
- Signing contract with Finnish top club SV

6. Veerle Tulleneers

- Belgian Champion: Long
- Belgian Champion: Middle
- National League winner

7. Aline Hermans

- Belgian Champion: Sprint
- Belgian Elite Ranking: 1st

The Golden Compass 2007 is for...
Elisabeth Henkes
Fabien Pasquasy
Jan Gilot
Miek Fabre
Jeremy Genar
Veerle Tulleneers
Aline Hermans
Others free polls

Wintercriterium: D. Franssen wint in Vriesel

Desmond Franssen (Trol) heeft zondag in Vriesel te Oelegem gewonnen, de tiende manche van het wintercriterium.
Franssen ging er al vanaf het eerste controlepunt vandoor en won met een voorsprong van een dikke minuut op zijn ploegmaat Winston Franssen en de ervaren Guy Tirez.
Twee jaar terug moest Franssen nog tevreden zijn met de tweede plaats in Vriesel, nu kan hij al vroeg op het seizoen ervaren hoe een zege smaakt. Zijn seizoen lijkt bij deze reeds geslaagd.

"Hoe langer een drukke periode duurt, des te beter ik word" reageerde Franssen verwijzend naar de Sylvester 5-daagse. "Uiteindelijk blijf ik als meest frisse man over. Vanaf nu concentreer me echter een tijdje op schoolwerk en komt de sport op de tweede plaats. Ik wil namelijk dolgraag eerste zit halen. De wedstrijd in Oelegem lag gauw in een beslissende plooi. Ik startte snel maar liep altijd mijn eigen tempo en ging nooit over mijn toeren. Ik deelde mijn race goed in. Het is mijn eerste overwinning van het seizoen. Nog twaalf verwijderd van het record van Hoekx in 2007. Dat is een heel prettig vooruitzicht."

Bij de dames was Lieke van Opstal de beste. Vanessa Bolsens nam de tweede plaats voor haar rekening.

De snelste km-tijd werd neergezet in de B-categorie door Frank Buytaert, nl. 5'01min/km. Bij de dames ging die eer naar Catherine Dickburt met 7'25min/km.

Resultaten en Splits
Klassement wintercriterium

zaterdag, januari 05, 2008

Bericht van MSV Hamel

In de overigens tegenwoordig fijn vormgegeven VVO-bijlage vonden wij het volgende bericht op pagina 7 van 20:

Bericht van MSV Hamel

Op 7/09/2008 organiseert MSV Hamel een wedstrijd in Sankt Vith.
De Technische Commissie van ABSO/BVOS heeft beslist dat het vanaf nu reeds verboden is om te trainen op deze kaart.

Omdat onze dagdagelijkse bezigheid tegenwoordig bestaat uit het begrijpen en in een ruimere context zien van allerlei schrijfsels, willen wij een poging doen om dit belangrijk bericht te ontcijferen.

Critici zouden als eerste een opmerking maken over het al dan niet lezen van de VVO-bijlage door ons, laat het voor eens en altijd gezegd zijn: wij lezen dus het werk van Sonia, Lutgart, Mireille, Greet en Nancy. Het kan er nog niet voor zorgen dat wij onze Knijptang van achter naar voren lezen, maar enkel het vermoeden van concurrentie doet het eenzaam hoge niveau van De Knijper toch al verder stijgen.

Nu, wij proberen wat op de hoogte te blijven over het reilen en zeilen in de Franstalige en Duitstalige oriëntatiegedeelten van ons land en dus waren wij op de hoogte van het bestaan van een nieuwe club bij FRSO, maar met de naam "Les Raptors" en dus niet MSV Hamel, wie zou zijn club trouwens zozeer met kinderverhaaltjes willen associëren? Nee, Les Raptors hebben ofwel teveel naar Jurassic Park gekeken en besloten dat velociraptor niet klinkt, zijn vliegtuigfanaten of hebben net als ons uren, dagen en weken het gelijknamige spel gespeeld.

Na het betere denkwerk zijn wij er dan uiteindelijk achter gekomen dat NSV Amel de spil in heel het verhaal is.

Op bladzijde zes van De Knijptang stond dan de oplossing van het volgende deel van het raadsel: NSV Amel organiseert op 7 september het BK lange afstand op de kaart "Hunnert". Wij vermoeden dus dat dit gebied verboden is. Wat natuurlijk spijtig is voor mensen die de kaart niet kennen en het gebied niet weten zijn. Maar kom, laten we een poging doen om het bericht te herformuleren, zodat niemand een excuus heeft om het niet te weten:

Bericht van NSV Amel

Op 7 september 2008 organiseert NSV Amel het BK lange afstand op de kaart "Hunnert", nabij Sankt Vith.
De Technische Commissie van ABSO/BVOS heeft beslist dat het vanaf nu reeds verboden is om te trainen op deze kaart.

Dit maar bij wijze van pauze tussen het uitwassen van braamwonden na het hamok-clubkampioenschap en omdat wij toch ergens onze frustratie kwijt moeten kunnen.

vrijdag, januari 04, 2008

Jeremy Genar moves to Sibbo-Vargarna

Jeremy Genar the talented junior runner from Belgium, will be member of the Finnish club 'Sibbo-Vargarna' next season. Most runners in this Finnish team have a Swedish roots, like their most famous runner Jörgen Wickholm. In 2007 Sibbo-Vargarna became 25th at jukola and 44th at tiomila. They also participated at 25manna and finnished 53th.

During their national championship relay SV took the 22th place in total. Every team exists out of 4 runners and are allowed to select 1 foreigner. Kalevan Rasti took the victory with Thierry Gueorgiou in their team.

Jeremy is only 17 years old (born in 1990) and won oringen2007 in H18. His goal this season will be JWOC in Sweden. He already participated at JWOC2006 in Lithuania and became 96th in sprint. But he was still a youngster and suffered health problems. In the national championships 2007 he only won the BK relay with his Belgian club trol. During the middle and long distance he became 2nd twice, both in junior class. He also participated in the H21elite class during some national competitions in Belgium.
Now he can start looking forward to the future to participate in relays with Trol and SV.

Other Belgian runners who run for Scandinavian clubs: Fabien Pasquasy (SNO), Bart Delobel (IF Brahe), Joost Talloen (OK Skogshjortarna) and Thomas Van der Kleij (Hamar OK).

Website Jeremy Genar
Website Sibbo-Vargarna
Website Trol
Results Finnish Relay 2007
Video Finnish Relay 2007

dinsdag, januari 01, 2008

Nummer 1 in 2007: Pasquasy en Hermans

Fabien Pasquasy (foto) en Aline Hermans beëindigden 2007 als nummer 1 op de nationale elite ranking. Pasquasy won maar één Belgische titel, maar staat desondanks met een ruim verschil op nummer 1. Jan Gilot en Pieter Hendrickx vervolledigen de top 3.

Bij de vrouwen is het verschil kleiner. Aline Hermans wordt kort gevolgd door Greet Oeyen, Veerle Tulleneers en Miek Fabré, op een relatieve 2e, 3e en 4e plaats.


1 PASQUASY Fabien 8144
2 GILOT Jan 7785
3 HENDRICKX Pieter 7512
4 VAN GASSE Etienne 7444
5 SILLIEN Nicolas 7197
6 VAN DER KLEIJ Thomas 7139
7 DELOBEL Bart 6996
8 VAN DER KLEIJ Jeroen 6952
9 TALLOEN Joost 6918
10 SIMKENS Geert 6911
11 HOEKX Jeroen 6815
12 HENDRICKX Tomas 6801
13 BERNARD Christophe 6708
14 BASTIN Michel 6618
15 VAN DER KLEIJ Dries 6520
16 MAZY Alain 6499
17 FRANSSEN Desmond 6457
18 PEETERS Ken 6433
19 FRANSSEN Winston 6361
20 OEYEN Jan 6317

1 HERMANS Aline 7568
2 OEYEN Greet 7438
3 TULLENEERS Veerle 7425
4 FABRÉ Miek 7372
5 GEYPEN Kim 7138
6 VANDERMEULEN Severine 7013
7 MULPAS Vinciane 6857
8 BASTIN Véronique 6566
9 MELIS Elien 6528
10 VAN OPSTAL Lieke 6292
11 SALLAERTS Saartje 6288
12 HENNEN Anne-Françoise 6161
13 BLOCKX Stéphanie 6060
14 STEEGEN Kim 5024
15 DAMS Tinny 4815
16 BRUYNINCKX Katrien 4764
17 CLISSEN Valérie 4112
18 HERREMANS Sofie 4027
19 HOOFD Catherine 3927
20 BOLSENS Vanessa 3837
Belgian Elite Ranking