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zondag, januari 27, 2008

Delobel Outstanding - District championship

Bart Delobel (left) was outstanding at todays district championship. Delobel has some explanations for his good result. "I have been training good since some months now. Different from before I did more power training this winter and I improved my technical orienteering skills. But I think the main reason for my good performance is that I stopped going to party's. I'm too old for this now and i'm focussing onehundred percent on my orienteering carreer. I did only some minor mistakes on the 6th and 9th control. I only lost some more time in the end where i ran into a barbed wire." Two days ago Geert Simkens was still faster than Delobel, but now he had to be happy with the 2nd spot. "The military competition was a training for me, I had a though week, so I took it easy there." Delobel comments on the side of the comming juniorstar Sien Verdeyen. Tomas Hendrickx completed the podium.

Veerle Tulleneers won with a small margin the womens class in front of Kim Geypen, 2 controls before the finnish Geypen was still in the lead. Greet Oeyen (who made a big mistake towards the 12th control) was almost 5 minutes behind on the 3th place.

Sien Verdeyen & Bart Delobel - Winners (picture:

H21E - 10,8km
1. Bart Delobel 52:19
2. Geert Simkens 55:08
3. Tomas Hendrickx 58:06
4. Dries van der Kleij 60:58
5. Yves Briers 61:01
6. Tomas Hendriksson: 61:41

D21E - 9,1 km
1.Veerle Tulleneers 61:30
2. Kim Geypen 61:37
3. Greet Oeyen 66:00
4. Saartje Sallaerts 66:07
5. Lieke Van Opstal 70:37
6. Ellen Omblets 77:12

Noël Nijsten - Winner H40



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