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maandag, januari 21, 2008


Belgium has got great orienteering opportunities in the whole country. Where the north has its dunes, the south has it's hilly terrain with sometimes detailed vegetation which can make orienteering very difficult.
Every year the organisation of the 3 days of Belgium shifts from north to south or visa versa. And it shifts from may to august as well. This year it is in may and totally in the South, in the military terrains of Arlon. A lot of Belgians look forward to run in that area again since it probably is one of the most beautiful terrains of the country.
There will also be a World Ranking Event, so we can expect some top runners from our neighbouring countries France, UK and Germany; and maybe even Switzerland or Sweden as happened in the past.

the 3 Days of Belgium will be on 10,11 and 12 may. Below you find some map samples. Maps have been made by Orest Kotylo. The first deadline to register is 31 jan 2008.


  • At 21/1/08 22:38, Anonymous Anoniem said…

    In the same area (but other maps) the 1st WC-round in 2002 took place. Always interesting to check the results and routechoices again:


  • At 23/1/08 13:26, Anonymous Pasquasy Fabien said…

    Some interesting areas in Belgium...

    Why not to come to HOCup 2008 ?

    Model Event
    Sprint (probably FRSO and LCACO champs - BRE)
    Middle (very tuff for HE/DE -> 9km and 36 controls and probably FRSO champs - BRE)

    12 and 13 April, HOCup will be held in my parent's area. The best karst terrain in Belgium and maps are also made by Orest Kotylo (he saied that the middle distance map is his best work mapping in 2007 -

    See maps samples and photos there :

    Any information, please contact me

  • At 23/1/08 17:21, Blogger dries said…

    It is a pitty that flemish runners have to choose between Championship Sprint and this great HOCup. Or maybe it is possible for VVO to switch with the organisation of 6/04.

  • At 24/1/08 18:36, Blogger Xtof said…

    Thanx a lot for the advertising, dries :-)



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