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vrijdag, mei 04, 2007


Again a very sunny day at Bornholm island.
Today the relay was on the program, maybe the most important race for the Nordic countries. The forest was very green or very white. The first 2 controls were tricky. After that it was quiet easy orienteering.

In junior classes it was a really close race between Norway and Danmark in both men and women class. It was Norway that had the strongest last leg runner in both cases. In women class they even got the bronze medal with the second team. Norway has a very strong generation of juniors nowadays. In a few years we expect them to take over from the big boys, or at least compete against them. In Danmark they are waiting for this young generation too. Chris Terkelsen and Carsten Jörgensen are still not really replaced.

In women’s senior class it was Sweden who could take the lead after the 2nd leg with Kajsa Nilsson. Although she made some mistakes on the first few controls she managed to take the lead. She felt really strong and managed to make a gap. More than 4 minutes to the Swiss team with Miss Niggli-Luder as the last runner. Kajsa was confident that this advantage would be enough. Although Simone did a perfect race she couldn’t close the big gap to Helena Jansson. After gold yesterday in sprint Helena takes the gold again today.

In men’s class it was very close after the 2nd leg. Even Great Brittain was in medal position. So it all depended on the last runner. At the spectator control there were 3 men together: Matthias Merz for Switzerland, Jani Lakanen for Finland and Peter Öberg for Sweden. It was obvious that Merz was doing all the work. He finished it in style with a tremendous sprint. He didn’t realized that he won until his teammates congratulated him with the victory. This victory was very unexpected since Daniel Hubmann, the toprunner for Switzerland got ill during the last days. He even had to vomit during the night. It was Baptiste Rollier who was supposed to be the 2nd runner of the 2nd team that replaced him.

Tomorrow we can expect more rocks and less hills. So probably a bit more technical.

A few starting times:
Jan Troeng 10:32
Peter Öberg 11:52
Matthias Merz 11:54
Holger Hott Johansen 11:56
Jarkko Huovila 11:58
David Andersson 12:02
Daniel Hubmann 12:10
Tero Föhr 12:16
Johan Modig 12:18
Jani Lakanen 12:20

Kajsa Nilsson 11:31
Signe Soes 11:33
Marianne Andersen 11:35
Lina Persson 11:37
Simone Niggli-Luder 11:39
Helena Jansson 11:41
Minna Kauppi 11:43
Anne Margerethe Hausken 11:45
Heli Jukkola 11:47