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dinsdag, mei 01, 2007

Champs Meeting

The Park World Tour stage "Champs Meeting" will be send live on web-tv. Most of the world elites will be present in a fantastic orienteering scenary in Gothenburg.

Follow the competition via web-tv! 1st mai, 11:30-13:30

Place to be:

It's finally time for the best orienteerers in the world to compete about 5000 euro in a techincally demanding race. There’s not often many surprises when the new seasons competition program arrives, but this year a new race makes an impressive entrance. Champ’s meeting on May 1st is a high quality international race with the world’s best elite runners and live TV coverage.

The name Champ’s Meeting derives from the inspirational, innovative and bohemian orienteer Arto “The Champ” Rautiainen. As many remember, Arto tragically died during a training run in May 2004. He was a much loved character who left few untouched, regardless of whether you tried to follow him in the forest or that you were simply inspired by his ideas and visions.

One of Arto’s visions was to arrange an elite race in a very special area at the entrance to Göteborg’s harbour. It was Arto that discovered this virgin orienteering terrain by the end of the 1990’s. And he had even produced the first edition of the map witch is going to be used. Now when his idea becomes reality it’s being done in the form of a high quality international race where the world’s best are invited.

The race will be screened live on the Sportexpressen TV Channel, with the winners of the men’s and women’s class each receiving an incredible 5000 Euros. Nearly 5000 Euros is certainly not a sum of prize money often seen in orienteering races. The race organisers are Göteborg’s Orienteering Federation with some help from local clubs.

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