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dinsdag, april 24, 2007


Again I didn't find any time to go to an orienteering event in Canada. but I had some running trainings in very nice areas.
First at the Niagara waterfalls. About the most touristic site of Canada, and I can understand it. The view from my hotelroom was really incredible. (see picture)

To run you can start from the waterfalls and run a alond the river in east direction. It was really surprising that there was a big temperature difference between the falls-area and anything more than 500 meters away from the river. You could really feel a difference of about 5 degrees.

In Edmonton I didn't expect good running abilities in the neighbourhood of my hotel. I was really surprised though when I found a nice track along the river at both sides. Edmonton is located more north and more west in Canada. So you can expect colder temperatures. But I was lucky ... temparatures of about 19 degrees celsius.

here you can see my training run alond the river.


  • At 24/4/07 07:53, Anonymous Anoniem said…

    Ok Dries... You are a professionnal traveller... can you take me next time on the next travel... I won´t take any much of place in your luggage. I promise. Lucky guy ;-)))))

    Is there any free job in your company? If they looking for a GIS and spatial databases engineer, think of me... ---> old CV on


  • At 24/4/07 22:50, Blogger Aleš Hejna said…

    Hi! of course there are maps. The whole valley of Edmonton is mapped. And exactly where you ran we made a map. Still snow there?

  • At 25/4/07 16:15, Blogger dries said…

    no snow, perfect weather conditions, nice forest, nice little paths... excellent for Mountainbiking too.


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