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donderdag, mei 03, 2007

NOC sprint map-results-pictures

Today the NOC-sprint race took place in Gudhjem, situated in the northern (and most beautiful) part of Bornholm. Start and Finish was situated at sea level. The first control was already 30m above sealevel.

picture at control n°12

It was an excellent city to organize a sprint race. Small roads, technical demanding terrain, nice route choices on long legs.
First leg already a routechoice, coursesetter told me that he thinks passing control 14 is the best.
Not much time to prepare for the long leg to control n° 5 either. It’s still not clear to me what the best route choice was.

Control n° 12 was also a very nice route choice. I think going right was the fastest here because you go downhill slow.

There were 4 winners of 4 different countries. Switzerland, Sweden, Denmark and Norway. The men of Finland were disappointing but I’m sure Finland will be the winner tomorrow in the relay race.

These are the podia of today.

MEN 21
From left to right: 1st: Matthias Merz, 2nd: Jonas Pilblad , 3rd Matthias Müller, 4th Audun Hultgren Weltzien, 5th Marius Bjugan, 6th Jarkko Huovila
From left to right: 1st Helena Jansson, 2nd Mina Kauppi, 3rd Heli Jukkola, 4th Martina Fritschy, 5th Marianne Andersen, 6th Elise Egseth

MEN 20
From left to right: 1st Soren Bobach, 2nd Olav Lundanes, 3rd Petter Eriksson, 4th Patrik Karlsson, 5th Mikael Kristensson, 6th Olli-Markus Taivainen

From left to right: 1st Siri Ulvestad, 2nd Eva Svensson, 3rd Kene Hallan Steiwer, 4th Silje Ekroll Jahren, 5th Maja Alm, 6th Anna Forsberg

Tomorrow is the relay which will decide which Nordic country has the best runners of this moment. It will be a big battle between 4 countries: Finland, Switzerland, Sweden and Norway.
Kajsa Nilsson is in the first team although she had a bad race today.
Tero Föhr makes it to the first team together with Jarkko Huovila and Mats Haldin

The Swedish team is Mattias Karlsson, David Andersson and Jan Troeng