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zondag, april 29, 2007

Comparison Poll - Results Tiomila

Results Poll
1 Halden Skiklubb 1. Halden Skiklubb
2 Vaajakosken Tera 2. Södertälje-Nykvarn
3 Kalevan Rasti 3. Kalevan Rasti
4 Södertälje-Nykvarn 4. OK Linné
5 OK Linné 5. IK Hakarpspojkarna

The Poll wasn't that bad... 4 out of 5 of the top 5 of the poll managed to make it top 5 in the competition. Only IK Hakarspojkarna dissapointed a little bit with a 9th spot.
After a false start Halden ran straight to the front and won easily.
Anders Nordberg could repeat his story again by finishing the "long night" again in first place. Unfortunately their 7th runner didn't compete at his best. Bækkelaget SK finished 13th.

The belgian Team Trol finished in 222th place. Not bad. Especially Frans Laenen, Tomas Henriksson and Ken Peeters did good race.
Bart Delobel disappointed his team a little bit by finishing the first leg in 292nd place while his team finished in 168th place.
Thomas van der Kleij finished the "long night" in 2u09 which is about 30% slower than the top runners on this long race.
Joost Talloen did better on this same long race: He finished in 1h55. He shows his shape is still growing. He had a bit the advantage that his team was doing well and he could start amongst better runners than Thomas.
Fabien Pasquasy did a rather nice run on the last leg. Starting off with a big mistake at the first control just like Daniel Hubmann he could find a good pace similar to Novikov and Hubmann. Finishing in 1h37 he was 12 minutes slower than the fastest runners françois Gonon and Valentin Novikov who must have had a tremendous speed in forest throughout the whole race.


  • At 30/4/07 22:56, Anonymous Anoniem said…

    Mooi mooi mooi. Kijk eens aan.
    't zal allemaal wel dik de moeite geweest zijn. Proficiat met de toch wel sterke prestaties.
    Volgend jaar wil ik er ook wel graag bij zijn... proving my good shape ;)


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