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donderdag, mei 03, 2007

NOC 2007 startlist

The nordic Championships are always high standard races. This year it is organised in Danmark. But Danish people will not feel like homeground runners these days because it is organised in Bornholm. An Island where took place the last battles of 2nd world war.

The German commander on Bornholm refused to surrender to the Soviet Union because of the fact that there were many thousands german refugees on Bornholm Island. Two local towns where bombed and the garrison forced to surrender. Bornholm remained under Soviet control until 1946.

Today Bornholm is the playground for NOC2007.

Today is the sprint race in a small city Gudhjem. It promisses to be a very tough race 2,8km and 140m altitude.

Half of the course is in open area which is similar to the model event. A little bit tricky terrain but shouldn't be too much of a problem for the top-runners. So in my opinion it will be more a matter of strength and speed than technique.
There are a lot of favorites for the race, a sprint race is always unpredictable. We only miss France and Russia here. Find startlists here.

This is the startlist for the woman. The 15 last runners match quiet good with the IOF World Ranking, only Hanny Allston is missing in the list.
Follow the results online:
Results and map later today.


  • At 3/5/07 15:41, Anonymous Anoniem said…

    Er gaat waarschijnlijk ook een demonstratie zijn met Catching Features op de aflossingskaart Ro Plantage door Anders Konrig Olesen (en waarschijnlijk uitgezonden op de plaatselijke TV).


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