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zaterdag, december 03, 2011

Entries for Sylvester 5-days closing

Entries for the Sylvester 5 days at the end of December are closing tomorrow. Now's your last chance to register for 5 nice and usually snow-free orienteering days in Belgium.

Day 1 takes place on the western part of the Belgian Long Distance championships map. It's fast runnable forest with small sand dunes. A challenging start for sure.

(Click for full map)

Day 2 is a World Ranking Event in inland-Flanders terrain. Runnability and visibility are sometimes poor. Small detailed zones give an additional challenge, but fast running will be required in this middle distance race!

(Click for full map)

The third day is once again in typical Flemish sand dune terrain. Very open forests and even more contours than day one will make for a tough course for tired legs.

(Click for 1/2 map)

Day 4 moves the competition to The Netherlands. Boshoverheide right across the border has only small patches of forest. Most of the map consists of sandy plains and heather.

(Click for 1/2 map)

The final day is once again something completely different. The well runnable forest remains, but instead of small contours, it's now vegetation features and small streams that are perfect control locations.

(Click for 1/2 map) / other 1/2

All information can be found at the event website.


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