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maandag, september 12, 2011

Olle Kärner and Miek Fabre win Belgian long champs

Yesterday the most important competition in Belgium took place. 29 runners in H21E and 10 runners in D21E were ready to fight for the title as Belgian champion long distance in Gruitroderbos. The map is one of the most technical areas in Flanders, for sure with the scale 1/15000. Avoiding mistakes and running at high speed would be the key to the victory.

Miek Fabre outstanding:
The arena at the competition was really nice and it was up to the women to start as first. One by one they showed up on a podium (like at springcup) to start their race. The time interval between the 10 runners was (only) 2 minutes and the order was based on the WRE ranking from a month ago.

Miek Fabre was the big favourit today and started in last position. Already at the 1st control she caught up with Monika Depta (who started 2min ahead of her). Depta tried and succeeded to run a bit away from Fabre. But after making mistakes at control 6 and 7 her race was ruined. Depta finally finished in 3rd position (in todays WRE). Aline Hermans ran a decent race and got 2nd. Miek Fabre was really outstanding today. She won her race in 65' (10 minutes faster than Hermans) and overtook 7 out of 9 runners.

Only runners living in Belgium are allowed to become Belgian champion, so at the podium we saw: 1st Miek Fabre (65'44), 2nd Aline Hermans (75'11) and 3rd Catherine Hoofd (82'46).

Olle Kärner wins in H21E:
After all women had entered the forest, it was up to the H21E runners to show up at the podium one by one. Same procedure as for women, 2min time interval between the runners and the best ranked runners started at the end. Most elite runners (only a few exceptions didn't) already complained about the small time interval on forehand. But the organisation didn't react about this subject.

About the race itself: it was Benjamin Anciaux who came as first elite runner into the finishline. He ran a good race without big mistakes and finished in 1h27'. The speaker said that this was a good result, but probably a lot of other runners would do better in todays race. After some waiting, Thomas van der Kleij was the first to beat Anciaux's besttime. van der Kleij finished in 1h25 and got the 4th position overall today.
Then it was time for Olle Kärners show. He started in last position with a lot of strong Belgian runners ahead of him. He succeeded to overtake 12 runners during his race. His new besttime was 1h18 (actually the winning time at the Belgian long champs should be 1h30). Together with him we saw Fabien Pasquasy (2nd position with 1h20), Geert Simkens, Tarmo Kuub, Sergey Fedatsenka (3rd position with 1h23), Ken Peeters and Tomas Hendrickx (6th position with 1h27).
So for todays WRE the podium was: 1. Olle Kärner 1h18, 2. Fabien Pasquasy 1h20, 3. Sergey Fedotsenko 1h23.
In the Belgian champs: 1. Fabien Pasqausy 1h20, 2. Thomas van der Kleij 1h25 and 3. Benjamin Anciaux 1h27.

Map H21E
Photos podium


  • At 12/9/11 11:51, Anonymous Anoniem said…

    mmm de slits zijn zeer duidelijk, er is een belangrijke trein gepasseerd op het einde...

  • At 12/9/11 13:33, Anonymous Michel Bastin said…

    Congrats to the winners, and especially to Benjamin who ran really strong!

  • At 12/9/11 16:59, Anonymous Anoniem said…

    regarding these splits Thomas and Benjamin did the strongest performance

  • At 12/9/11 20:32, Anonymous Anoniem said…

    uitslag is goed

    fabien een goede winnaar
    thomas die bewijst wat hij kan
    benjamin zeer mooi reultaat

    alleen waarom maar 2 min tussen de lopers en schaal 15000..... daar stel ik me nog de meeste vragen over

  • At 12/9/11 21:41, Anonymous Fabi said…

    I'm very impressed by Benjamin performance. Great run, congrats !

    A really good analysis of splits will show that the train (some are complaining about) was not that fast. Serguey concluded we lost time in some controls and would have been better to run alone. I fairly and totally agree.

    A really good analysis show that Olle was not leading all time like I heard from some guys... and thus everybody was reading the map.

    Some splits doesn't show (maybe Jeroen can argue) that Olle and me took totally different way on 9, 14, 21. We get separated then but we still find each others just on controls.

    I think that 2min was not that bad but last week I really believed organisers would apply a butterfly. 3min is probably better I recognise. For starting order it was logical to have WRE starts (not like in 3 days where Sergey had to start early and me late for e.g.). Participate to WRE events is up to everybody, just get points.

  • At 12/9/11 22:37, Anonymous Anoniem said…

    I think lots of Belgian runners showed to be great runners. Kadhaffi will shut up now.
    Congrats also to Benjamin!
    Maybe we should stop split times and analysing on Belgian homeground, orienteering could be fun again, and everyone can tell about 15' mistakes, being hunted by dogs, being stuck in a barbled wire or fighting with a mad farmer.

    Bart D

  • At 12/9/11 23:01, Anonymous Fabi said…

    where is the button I like Bart ;-)

  • At 13/9/11 00:23, Anonymous Anoniem said…

    Bart d wil alleen zijn gelijk lezen en trekt de rest in het belachelijke. Als iemand anders iets ironisch opmaakt zoals Kadhaffi dan is het ook weer niet goed, tsjah.

  • At 13/9/11 00:56, Blogger jeroen vdK said…

    Still fabi this was a Big victory, but not a great one..

    I'm talking for myself now, when Mitch overtook me, I automatically ran harder , then I would normally do, also made me more focussed again..

    And what I really was aware of was that you have more eyes to see the control.
    Let's say Mitch was physically 10% stronger it made me really focus on just trying to be as clean as possible to keep track and to correct his little micromistakes .
    And it probably made also Mitch more focused..

    when Desmond made it to the Belgian title Middle some people where skeptic,.. But at least he was clear in communicating,

    His quote on attackpoint was honnest, without argue or defence :" het zou anders smaken als het 100% eigen resultaat was"

  • At 13/9/11 08:31, Anonymous Fabi said…


    I totally agree with your last point as I have of course the same feeling (being not happy at all with my race despite "ok" results).

    I'm always less focus when people are around me. It's probably one of my weakest point.

  • At 13/9/11 09:20, Anonymous Anoniem said…

    Congrats to the winners.
    It is not my fight, but lot of questions could be answered if we had some GPS tracks! Rules are rules, but I think use of GPS watches would not make any harm.


  • At 13/9/11 15:24, Anonymous Anoniem said…

    I am part of the orienteering family since 16 years now.
    As far as I know Fabi is our best Belgian orienteer ever with some very strong international performances (Jukola, Woc, World Cup,Spring Cup, OO-Cup,...).

    But I don't believe Sunday was his biggest victory ever. I am wondering how the final results would have looked like with a starting interval of lets say 10'. Of course it is still possible that Fabi would have won. Once again, we will never know so congrats to the fastest both Fabi and Miek.

    Personally 1/15k was way too difficult to read the map, a disappointment. But the big names could avoid huge mistakes, so my own mistake.

    Yes, Bart Delobel is the funniest guy in 16 years. "I like" his blog and jokes.


  • At 13/9/11 18:33, Anonymous Anoniem said…

    Winston, 1/15 000 is the official scale for a long distance. Too bad, we're used to run on 1/7500 in Flanders. I don't understand it. If the map is unreadable at this scale, then they should maybe use the map for a distance where 1/10 000 is standard scale. If soccer is played on 100/60m terrain, Red Devils don't train all year on 60m/40m I guess.
    Bart D

  • At 13/9/11 18:49, Anonymous Anoniem said…

    Wat Kadhaffi betreft, ik zie de humor van het filmpje in, geen paniek. Het is zelfs een leuk en goed gemaakt filmpje. Jammer dat goede humor gebruikt wordt om degrelijke negatieve gevoelens en frustraties te uiten.
    Ik vind het zielig dat in onze kleine sport, waar het aartsmoeilijk is om iemand te vinden is die zoveel energie in zijn vrije tijd besteed aan de nationale ploeg, onbezoldigd dan nog, zo'n bakken kritiek krijgt. of het nu Deijgers, Wallaert of wie ook is. Elke trainer heeft zijn methode en doet zijn best.Meer zelfs, deze trainers steken keer op keer hun nek uit voor ons, lopers, zonder uitzondering. Als er dan dergelijke discussies optreden zoals de bewuste discussie, dan vind ik het ronduit zielig dat de trainer daar keer op keer te kakken wordt gezet, en vaak nog anoniem. Als onze sport ietsje groter was en over een bredere kern beschikte, dan had de tuchtcommissie al deze (al dan niet anonieme) galspuwers al lang kunnen schorsen.
    Ik hoop met heel mijn hart dat ze allemaal eens een poging doen om nationale trainer te zijn.

    Bart D

  • At 14/9/11 10:16, Blogger dries said…

    1. Thomas VAN DER KLEIJ BEL hamok 1:25:55
    2. Benjamin ANCIAUX BEL hamok 1:27:15
    3. Desmond FRANSSEN BEL TROL 1:29:35

    Het Podium van de niet-Olle-beïnvloede lopers. Heb opgevangen dat geen van deze 3 kandidaat is voor de nationale ploeg volgend jaar.

  • At 14/9/11 10:37, Anonymous Anoniem said…

    Waarom niet een podium van de

    -niet-rain-beïnvloede lopers ?
    -niet-braimbles-beïnvloede lopers ?
    -niet-lost child-beïnvloede lopers?
    -niet-slow old guy--beïnvloede lopers?
    -niet-mosquito-beïnvloede lopers ?

  • At 14/9/11 11:22, Anonymous Fabi said…

    I've been so lucky to have somebody to follow otherwise probably I would have finished in more than 2h of running and maybe not with all my controls in the pocket. In fact I was waiting for Olle in control 4-5. Probably I would have been totally lost then.

    But I'm with a lot of other guy candidate for next year WOC (after a break - building my house this autumn). Hopefully I will have somebody to follow in next selection races as usual.

  • At 14/9/11 17:19, Anonymous Anoniem said…

    Wees blij dat er weer eens een Oost- Europeaan ons komt tonen wat (sub?-) top in het oriëntatielopen is... Na Sergey en Andis is er nu Olle die velen weer met de voetjes op de grond zet.
    En als Fabi zo sterk is om met hem samen naar het podium van een BK te lopen. En wat dan nog? Niets houdt ons toch tegen om ook, net als Fabi, naar nr. 91 op de wereldranking op te klimmen en als voorlaatste te mogen starten op een BK? Zodat je, omgeven door andere sterke lopers, gedwongen wordt een iets hoger niveau te halen. (Waar natuurlijk een vlindertje de wedstrijd veel interessanter had gemaakt...)

    En wil men graag tussen die goede lopers starten, dan moet men eerst laten zien dat men die positie verdiend. En dan moet je daar niet over liggen bleiten op De Laatste Post, maar moet je gewoon dringend wat meer gaan trainen en nadenken waarom die kloof er is tussen jou en de top: en dan mag ook jij binnenkort bij de laatsten starten en hopen dat je het tempo van die lopers achter jou aankan, of dat je hen voor kan blijven.

    En met Bart's laatste commentaar ben ik het volledig eens.
    (Maar wat maakt mijn mening nu uit in een discussie als deze)

    Geniet van de sport en maak gebruik van die enkelingen die net dat beetje beter zijn dan de rest om het algemeen niveau omhoog te halen. En het kan frustrerend zijn dat je als loper nooit bij die echte top kunt komen, en een niveautje lager blijft darrelen, maar dát onderscheid natuurlijk die top nog steeds van de rest. En vergeet ook nooit dat de top ook fouten maakt (Dit: zijn de fouten van Gueorgiou in voorbereiding van het WK)...


    (En laat dit mijn eerste en laatste commentaar zijn op deze website. - Ik bezoek delaatstepost niet meer voor de artikels, maar om de commentaren te bekijken. Amusement, dat zeker, maar zoals anoniempje al zei: vaak nogal onvolwassen en doordrongen van gebrek aan respect)

  • At 14/9/11 18:04, Anonymous Anoniem said…

    en zo heeft iedereen weer gelijk en ongelijk.

  • At 14/9/11 21:43, Anonymous An said…

    Ik weet niet de hoeveelste titel dit is voor Fabien, maar ik denk dat zijn lijstje Belgische titels wel volstaat om hem wat krediet te gunnen en niet te zeggen dat hij zijn titel (volledig) aan Olle te danken heeft..

    Misschien ben ik te soft voor deze site, maar ik heb gewoon veel respect voor de gedreven atleet die Fabi is.
    En anders: try to beat him next year guys!

  • At 14/9/11 21:51, Anonymous Anoniem said…

    The world is flat. Flanders is the world.
    Btw, welcome alien Olle, Fabi and co to our peacefull flat country.
    Bart D

  • At 14/9/11 23:19, Blogger dries said…

    @Fabien: I didn't want to critisize your victory. Congratulations! I'm sure it would have been a closer fight between you and my brother Thomas if... bla bla, but ok we will never know, maybe you would have missed control 20 or 22 by 2 more minutes and your speed would have been a little bit lower but maybe you would have run with less mistakes. Anyhow you are the greatest Belgian Orienteer and we will miss you at World Championships if you stop with the national team. I actually just wanted to say that it's a pitty to see that these TOP-youngsters of which we can be very proud, especially Benjamin (who will be for sure in the first team of Hamok next year) can't be motivated for national team anymore.

    Ik wil voor de nieuwsgierigen toch even mijn ervaring tijdens de race meegeven over de TGV die voorbij raasde naar post 20, en nee ik had de benen niet om dit geweld te "volgen". Olle - Fabi - Sergey - Tomas. "Chapeau" voor die mannen, ik weet dat ze er allemaal hard voor trainen.
    Een beetje hallucinant en lachwekkend was dat Tomas nog naar me gebaart met een armzwaai in de zin van "kom hang uw wagonnetje ook maar aan"... Grappig was dat het hele treintje vervolgens de mist in gaat, en je ziet het niet eens in de splits, Sergey vindt de post het eerst... Naar post 21 nemen Sergey en Fabien de rechte wegkeuze, Olle gaat langs de pad, ik ook en....... Weg was de trein ;-) (en jammer genoeg ook mijn motivatie)

    Tot zover deze lezing

  • At 14/9/11 23:40, Anonymous Anoniem said…

    ik ben rechtdoor gegaan naar 21. ))))


    P.S. Guys just keep going, I am enjoying so much this discussions !!!! Please! Couse if you stop I would have to buy a book or something....

  • At 15/9/11 09:07, Anonymous Anoniem said…

    Perhaps now it is time to discuss about the mapquality

  • At 15/9/11 09:31, Anonymous Michel Bastin said…

    Bonus track especially for Sergey ;-)

    Still searching for the button "I like Bart" ;-)

    Now seriously... the thing I just can't and will never understand is why guys like Benjamin, Desmond and especially Thomas (in my opinion one of our very best orienteerer with Fabi) "can't be motivated for national team anymore."... just because of a physical test in which I'm convinced they could all succeed easily (btw Benjamin achieved it without any problem last year)? or maybe there are other reasons I don't know?

    Ok ok, I know we're turning around in this discussion... but I would really be happy to have all these guys fighting for WOC places in relevant selection races.

    You don't need to react on this post or discuss again and again over the physical test... this it not the aim of my message.

    But I you want Sergey to save some money with buying a book... of course you can continue the discussion ;-)

    See U all on Sonday for great orienteering!

  • At 16/9/11 10:49, Anonymous Fabi said…

    One thing very sad in my point of view (and nobody talked about it) about startlist is the absence of one of the best runner in Belgium : Pieter Hendrickx.

    Hopefully, he's coming back soon and will apply for Belgium team next year.

  • At 16/9/11 11:15, Anonymous MarcL said…

    Sergey already has enough expenditures, coming orienteering here each time, so let's not make him spend to much on books! :)

    We should be happy to have some good orienteer's, despite the limited resources and the even more limited support they get from our orienteering community. And athletes wouldn't be athletes, without a strong mind and strong opinions. And of course these opinions differ and that's a good thing. It's only through discussing that things can improve. Just don't bite, that only hurts! :)

    It would be better for policy makers to listen to critics, especially from their athletes. I very much doubt whether the Norwegian federation will suspend Olav Lundanes because of his critical statements about the Future WOC.

    So, as Michel says, see you all Sunday for great orienteering and hopefully some great discussions afterwards!

  • At 17/9/11 11:29, Anonymous Anoniem said…

    goei jec results

    Tristan Bloemen 12 (van 50) op spirnt

    Toon melis 32 (van 91) op aflossing

  • At 18/9/11 12:44, Anonymous Anoniem said…

    Na kadhafi is er ook hitler:

  • At 18/9/11 17:54, Anonymous Anoniem said…

    jec lang

    tristan knap, de rest amai.

  • At 19/9/11 08:58, Anonymous Anoniem said…

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