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maandag, september 12, 2011

Olle Kärner and Miek Fabre win Belgian long champs

Yesterday the most important competition in Belgium took place. 29 runners in H21E and 10 runners in D21E were ready to fight for the title as Belgian champion long distance in Gruitroderbos. The map is one of the most technical areas in Flanders, for sure with the scale 1/15000. Avoiding mistakes and running at high speed would be the key to the victory.

Miek Fabre outstanding:
The arena at the competition was really nice and it was up to the women to start as first. One by one they showed up on a podium (like at springcup) to start their race. The time interval between the 10 runners was (only) 2 minutes and the order was based on the WRE ranking from a month ago.

Miek Fabre was the big favourit today and started in last position. Already at the 1st control she caught up with Monika Depta (who started 2min ahead of her). Depta tried and succeeded to run a bit away from Fabre. But after making mistakes at control 6 and 7 her race was ruined. Depta finally finished in 3rd position (in todays WRE). Aline Hermans ran a decent race and got 2nd. Miek Fabre was really outstanding today. She won her race in 65' (10 minutes faster than Hermans) and overtook 7 out of 9 runners.

Only runners living in Belgium are allowed to become Belgian champion, so at the podium we saw: 1st Miek Fabre (65'44), 2nd Aline Hermans (75'11) and 3rd Catherine Hoofd (82'46).

Olle Kärner wins in H21E:
After all women had entered the forest, it was up to the H21E runners to show up at the podium one by one. Same procedure as for women, 2min time interval between the runners and the best ranked runners started at the end. Most elite runners (only a few exceptions didn't) already complained about the small time interval on forehand. But the organisation didn't react about this subject.

About the race itself: it was Benjamin Anciaux who came as first elite runner into the finishline. He ran a good race without big mistakes and finished in 1h27'. The speaker said that this was a good result, but probably a lot of other runners would do better in todays race. After some waiting, Thomas van der Kleij was the first to beat Anciaux's besttime. van der Kleij finished in 1h25 and got the 4th position overall today.
Then it was time for Olle Kärners show. He started in last position with a lot of strong Belgian runners ahead of him. He succeeded to overtake 12 runners during his race. His new besttime was 1h18 (actually the winning time at the Belgian long champs should be 1h30). Together with him we saw Fabien Pasquasy (2nd position with 1h20), Geert Simkens, Tarmo Kuub, Sergey Fedatsenka (3rd position with 1h23), Ken Peeters and Tomas Hendrickx (6th position with 1h27).
So for todays WRE the podium was: 1. Olle Kärner 1h18, 2. Fabien Pasquasy 1h20, 3. Sergey Fedotsenko 1h23.
In the Belgian champs: 1. Fabien Pasqausy 1h20, 2. Thomas van der Kleij 1h25 and 3. Benjamin Anciaux 1h27.

Map H21E
Photos podium


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