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dinsdag, november 01, 2011

Fedatsenka wins Veluwe 2 days

Sergey Fedatsenka secured the overall victory in the Veluwe 2 days on Sunday morning. In the decisive second event he was the fastest runner of the pack. Neither Saturday's winner Yannick Michiels nor third place Desmond Franssen could match the high pace and secure orienteering of Fedatsenka in the sandy areas and detailed sand dunes of Beekhuizerzand.

Michiels' performance was still good enough for the second place overall. Strong races by Ken Peeters and Benjamin Anciaux brought them within striking distance of Michiels, overtaking Franssen as a result.

Miek Fabré did not have the clear advantage as reported earlier by DLP. Instead Greet Oeyen was rather close after the first day. She was not yet on the results list when we wrote the article. Our apologies.

Still, in the sandy areas, Oeyen was no match for Fabré and she had a 5 minute gap in the event, leading to a 6 minute gap overall. Lina Bulovaite of Olifant completed the podium.

Map (Desmond Franssen)

Overall Ranking