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vrijdag, september 02, 2011

Interview of the month: The Lundanes brothers

Every month Delaatstepost's top-journalist Toon Melis is going to interview some of the top stars in Orienteering. As first interview we have an exclusive interview with the LUNDANES BROTHERS. Enjoy!

Toon: Do you know "De laatste post" and do you have any idea what it means?
Olav: I have read some of the articles from "De laatste post" published in English on WorldOfO, so I know the page quite well. I guess "De laatste post" means "the last control", because the Dutch language is always a mess between Norwegian, German and English :).
Ivar: I’ve been following the site for some years, and I remember Thierry’s answer to the same question, and if I’m not wrong it means both “the last control” and “the latest news”.

Toon: What do you know about Belgian Orienteering?
Olav: I don`t know too much about Belgian Orienteering, but I have seen quite many maps, and they are normally very flat, but I guess there should be some hills in the Ardennes. Of course you don't have too many terrains, and they are not as challenging as we are used to in Norway. I have also read a bit about the 5-days event around Christmas, and I hope to compete there one day.
Ivar: I can’t say that I know a lot about Belgian Orienteering, but I have seen many maps and I know that you have some good runners (WOC finalists). I also know most of the guys of the Belgian junior team, so I’ve got some “inside information” of how orienteering works in Belgium ;). I think that the main difference between Belgian orienteering and Norwegian orienteering is that we can train in every forest we want whenever we want to, while you guys need to get access, and that there are many more orienteers in Norway.

Toon: You both went to the World Champs this year! Ivar to JWOC and Olav to WOC. Are you satisfied with the results and races?
Olav: Overall, I am satisfied with my WOC. The long distance was a big disappointment, but the middle and relay were good races. This year there was nothing I could do with Thierry.
Ivar: For me JWOC was only a big disappointment. I got sick before the sprint and missed out of the long distance, which I had prepared very well for. I was never able to recover before the middle and the relay, so I was not able to perform at the level I wanted to. Before the championship I wanted to fight for medals, but I was not even close to it...

Toon: I have been training in your home terrain ''Blindheimsfjellet" and still I am not a top orienteer? Help! What do you recommend me to do, to become one?
Olav: My best advice is to travel a lot to competitions and trainings in Scandinavia from an early age. It is also important to use the opportunities you have in Belgium as good as possible. I would guess that it is possible to become the best compass runner in the world even if you live in Belgian.
Ivar: I think that all orienteers needs to travel a lot to different kind of terrains to develop as an orienteer. For a Belgian orienteer I would say that training and competitions in Scandinavia and Finland would be important, because most of the terrains here are so different from what you have. For us in Scandinavia, it is important to go to southern and eastern Europe because we do not have terrains like that here. To be the best, you must learn to master all kinds of terrain.

Toon: You have some other members in the family as well, Ingrid (13 yearsold) and Bjørn (18 years old). Do you think they will make it in theNorwegian national team as well in the future?
Olav: I think all my brothers and sisters have great potential, but it requires a lot of hard work to success. Bjørn is also a good cross-countryskier, so maybe he wants to focus on that instead of orienteering.
Ivar: Bjørn is strong physically, and he has some podium results in the national junior cup this year, so he’s on a high level. If he’s keeping up the good work, I think it would be possible for him to run JWOC in two years. My sisters are still very young, but they have showed some talent already. Everything is possible if you work hard enough. “If you believe it, you can do it”...
Toon: What are your goals for the next years?
Olav: For the next year I want to continue to develop as an orienteer. My goal in WOC is of course to stand on the top!
Ivar: I think it will be really hard to qualify for WOC next year, but I hope to develop as an orienteer both technically and physically. Hopefully I will be stronger for every year, and take my level closer to Olav’s level step by step. I think WOC in Italy 2014 will suit me very well...

Toon: You both have moved from Ålesund now. Which is the best place to live for becoming the best orienteer: Stockholm or Halden?
Olav: Of course Halden is the best place ;). To be serious, I think we have a big amount of high quality maps, many trainings with many good runners, good climate and a great relay team. In total I think it makes Halden the best training environment in the world.
Ivar: I would say that Halden probably is the best place in the world for an orienteer. They have a lot of great maps, a lot of interesting terrain, many top runners, good climate for orienteering (the best in Norway at least) and a very strong organisation in Halden Skiklubb. Stockholm is different, but still very good. There is a lot of maps here, but most of them are quite small and very “urban” with a lot of paths. The terrain in Halden is more “wild”, and personally I think that is more interesting and more fun. However, you are running faster in the Stockholm terrain, and for me it’s important to develop in “fast orienteering”, so for me I think Stockholm is better right now ;).

Toon: How do you see orienteering in 50 years? What kind of evolutions will happen?
Olav: If we look 50 years back, there has been a lot of changes since 1960. In 50 years I think we have bigger scale on the maps, the map readingskills is even more important, more nations attending orienteering, a lot of new gadgets that helps the spectator to follow the competition(headcams etc.) and a lot more nations taking part in WOC.
Ivar: I’m pretty sure the technology will develop, and I guess the use of GPS and Headcams will increase. Maybe the map will no longer be on paper, but on some kind of electronic board, where you can Zoom in and out as you want, with built-in compass? That would be quite cool, and stop the discussion about map scale! Hopefully it will also still be some real orienteering, and not just shit like knock-out sprints, normal sprints, mass start races and chasing start races in parks or urban forests...

Toon: Now some more private (but not less interesting) questions. You'reboth single.. Does your future girlfriend have to be an orienteer aswell?
Olav: I don't think I can set such high standards...
Ivar: That’s not the most important thing...

Toon: What is the best (J)WOC party you have ever been to and why?
Olav: Maybe the JWOC banquet in 2006, but I don't have so many reasons. I am not a big fan of banquets..
Ivar: I’ve only been to one JWOC, and even if my results and races from the competitions were bad, the party was great. By far the best party I’ve ever been to...

Olav and Ivar in action: Olav winning the long distance at woc on homsoil and Ivar on his way to the jwocparty!


  • At 2/9/11 17:41, Anonymous MarcL said…

    Good job Toon, Ik kijk al uit naar het volgende! :)

  • At 2/9/11 18:04, Anonymous Karoline said…

    Nice interview Toon :)

  • At 2/9/11 23:19, Anonymous Michel Bastin said…

    Nice and very interesting interview!

  • At 3/9/11 01:05, Anonymous Anoniem said…

    Go Toon! Great questions and interesting answers :)

  • At 4/9/11 21:09, Anonymous Anoniem said…


  • At 5/9/11 10:19, Anonymous Anoniem said…

    Startlijst BK lang:

  • At 5/9/11 16:35, Anonymous Anoniem said…


    olle kärner wint

    fabien zal het hem proberen moeilijk te maken....

    de rest op achterstand

  • At 5/9/11 19:51, Blogger jeroen vdK said…

    Ik vertrouw er toch op dat onze vlaamse toppers dicht kunnen eindigen.

  • At 5/9/11 21:42, Anonymous Anoniem said…

    Ik tip vooral onze regionale toppers waaronder Desmond Franssen, Jeroen Hoekx, Thomas Van der Kleij. Deze kleppers bewezen zich al meermaals in het wintercriterium, ze zullen zeker voor goud gaan! Go go mannen!

  • At 5/9/11 23:13, Blogger sofie said…

    Leuk dat er een buitenlandse topper aan de start staat!
    Ik tip ook op hem...
    het is trouwens niet zijn eerste keer op Gruitrode, JWOC '97 :

  • At 6/9/11 09:03, Blogger dries said…

    @Toon: Super artikel!!

    @starttijdencommissie: 3 vraagjes over starttijden elitereeks:

    waarom start olle kärner 2 minuten achter een belg en niet één uur (zoals in alle andere categoriën het geval is bij buitenlanders)?

    waarom is er geen optimale spreiding van de starttijden (zoals voor andere categoriën): om de 4 minuten ipv om de 2 minuten is perfect mogelijk.

    waar komt de volgorde deze keer vandaan?

    Verder lijkt het me een topcompetitie te worden met 450 deelnemers!
    nog een pronostiekje (als de starttijden zo blijven):
    1 Olle
    2 Fabien
    3 Sergey

  • At 6/9/11 09:52, Anonymous Michel Bastin said…

    @Dries: I had the same reaction as you regarding the start times of foreign runners... but I'm quite sure that's because of the WRE status of the race. Same for the 2 minutes intervals I assume

  • At 6/9/11 10:35, Anonymous Anoniem said…

    Voor Toon; knap werk jij hebt al heel wat relaties in Scandinavië.

    De starttijden: het Belgische kampioenschap zou altijd voorrang moeten hebben op die wre.
    Als die buitenlanders, hoe bekwaam ook, vooraf starten is er geen probleem en kan Fabien zich nadien de 'echte verdiende kampioen' noemen'.


  • At 6/9/11 11:57, Anonymous Michel Bastin said…

    Extract of the WRE guidelines:
    "4. Start lists
    The start draw for each (Men and Women) elite course should be based on the World Rankings as at
    a date determined by the organisers. The best ranked runner should start last on each elite course."

    It's not mandatory, but still a stong recommendation.

  • At 6/9/11 13:12, Anonymous Anoniem said…

    WRE ranking for belgium:

  • At 6/9/11 14:32, Blogger dries said…

    startlist is based on the WRE-ranking of 31st of august 2011.
    That's fine for me.

    All my respect to the organisers but please change this startlist in order to have a fair winner in Men and Women elite class not only at the WRE as well as at the Belgian Championships.

    The scenario of Olle or Monica catching up a runner in front of him/her is a bit too imaginable. Also for other classes the startlist can be optimised.

  • At 6/9/11 14:54, Anonymous Fabi said…

    It looks a bit like I'm already caught by Olle by some of you (e.g. @Dries). We'll see...

    In any case I'll do my own race as always and I will do my best to show I don't need anyone / help to do a good race.

    The only thing I'm afraid is the general poor printing quality of maps in Belgium and 1/15000 in this terrain need a very accurate printer and not the FRSO or VVO one. IOF print standards (WOC / WCUP) are expected hopefully for this WRE.

  • At 6/9/11 15:17, Anonymous Desmond said…

    @ Dries: why do you think the startlist is based on WRE ranking? i don't think so.

    And if Olle Karner is not allowed to become Belgian champion yet (started living in Belgium too recently?), then there should be a bigger difference in time between Olle and Fabien.

    And i also think that 2min time interval is not enough. There will be 'trains' with some of the favourits together for sure.

  • At 6/9/11 21:34, Anonymous Desmond said…

    14.4km voor H21E. meer info in bulletin 3:

  • At 7/9/11 10:47, Blogger dries said…

    @desmond: ranking op 31-08-2011
    42 5158 Olle Kärner
    85 4827 Fabien Pasquasy
    187 3816 Serge Fedatsenka
    205 3632 Yannick Michiels
    218 3506 Jeroen Hoekx
    248 3279 Tomas Hendrickx
    307 2991 Pieter Hendrickx
    358 2589 Joost Talloen
    369 2514 Ken Peeters
    377 2445 Bart Delobel
    455 2181 Dries van der Kleij
    486 2096 Jo Linten
    531 1958 Geert Simkens
    554 1891 Michel Bastin
    564 1865 Thomas van der Kleij
    591 1796 Quentin de Neyer
    651 1614 Christophe Bernard
    661 1583 Jeremy Genar
    701 1467 Jeroen van der Kleij
    720 1412 Wannes Hendrickx
    726 1400 Johan Goubau
    740 1346 Gert Claes
    746 1322 Tarmo Kuub
    763 1258 Jean-François Krier

    lijkt me dus perfect volgens deze ranking buiten wissels om te vermijden dat clubgenoten achter elkaar zouden startten.

    @Fabi: Of course you do your own race, but I'm sure you would have a different idea if another Belgian would be ranked in between you and Olle.

  • At 7/9/11 10:58, Anonymous Desmond said…

    op 31/08/2011 telde de wedstrijd van 29/08/2010 (een jaar en 2 dagen eerder) nog mee dan? dat wist ik niet.

  • At 7/9/11 11:31, Blogger sofie said…

    niet te laat aan de start komen dus..:)
    ...all devices with a display or an audible feedback (e.g. watches, heart rate monitors, …) are not allowed. Check will be done at the start and during the race.

  • At 7/9/11 12:16, Blogger dries said…

    @des: als je ingeeft 31-08-2011 dan geeft de site "Ranking as at last event on: 2011 aug 28" dus die ranking hier gepost is eigenlijk die van 28-08-2011, dus inclusief BK lang vorig jaar.

  • At 8/9/11 22:59, Blogger Le Roux said…

    Pronostiek :
    - 1 : Gilles De Neyer
    - 2 : Quentin " "
    - 3 : Johan Goubau

    Seriously, I would be complaining if Fabien started after Olle Karner, which would be a much stronger advantage for our Estonian friend.

    Good luck every body.



  • At 10/9/11 10:37, Anonymous Anoniem said…

    Het is ook nooit goed voor sommige Belgen wanneer ik de laatste post lees.
    Zijn het de fysieke testen niet, dan wel één of andere startlijst waar elk jaar WEER over geouwehoerd wordt. Misschien heeft de baanlegger wel een vlinder gelegd en wordt iedereen weer gesplitst.
    Dus schrijf op je arm zondag:

    Kijk vooruit
    Ik ben geen politieker maar een atleet.

    Succes iedereen en geniet.
    Dirk G

  • At 12/9/11 09:03, Anonymous o-fan said…

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