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zondag, maart 22, 2009

Flemish district champs long distance

In the north of Belgium the disctrict championship long distance took place. A lot of runners were absent because of HOCup 2009 in the south of Belgium.

Despite the absence of many strong runners, it was still a very nice competition in Ravels. The weather was nice, the map was excellent, the runability was tough, the coursesetting was challenging, butterflies were created to make the competition more fair and all the controls were at the right place. Nothing to complain about.

The butterfly in the H21E-race

Again Ken Peeters:
In H21E class, Ken Peeters was the runner in good shape the previous weeks. He performed strong at the physical testrun with the national team and finished 8th at the half marathon in Leuven a few days ago.
Also today he ran a strong race, without any big mistakes he won the race 4 minutes ahead of a surprising Tomy Janssens. Tom Marien won the bronze medal ahead of his clubmates Wannes Hendrickx and Jo Linten. Winston Franssen was also fighting for the medals, but he ran the butterfly in the opposite direction, so he's disqualified. Also his brother didn't finish the race because of a knee injury.

Kol-women victorious:
Saartje Sallaerts is the new champion in D21E. She won by a big margin ahead of Kim Steegen and Els Put.

Map part1 - part2

Yves Briers:
An other Flemish toprunner, Yves Briers, is living in Suisse at this moment. Today the first national event in his new country took place. The elite athletes ran a middle distance race (with winner Daniel Hubmann), but Yves prefered to run H21A (long distance). You can check his results and website below.

Results 1st National Suisse event
Website Yves Briers