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woensdag, maart 18, 2009

Students race Leuven

A yearly tradition in Leuven, the students race attracted quite a few Slok runners for 21, 10 or 5 kms around Leuven. There were strong performances by Ken Peeters and Miek Fabré on the all asphalt tracks.

Ken Peeters

Peeters has already shown he is in a good shape currently, by being the fastest Flemish runner during the physical testrace a few weeks ago. In the half marathon, he finished in 8th in a time of 1:17:21. Your reporter also ran that loop, at a slower pace, 18th in 1:21:43. We originally planned to stay together, but I quickly realised Peeters was just too strong for me today. Note that Jan Gilot ran the same course in 1:11 a few years ago. Jimmy Baert, who participated for Slok in the Belgian University championship finished 13th in a time of 1:19:11.

Miek Fabré won the 10 km race last year, but she did not start with the intention of defending her title. Instead she chose to be pacemaker for Els Talloen. Talloen wanted to know if she had sufficient speed for the second physical testrun, due next month. Guided by Fabré, she finished in 7th position, in 44:37, which indicates she had the potential to pass the test. Fabré only started running fast the last 2,5 km and secured the second position she was running in at that time in a time of 42:53, some 3 minutes slower than het performance last year.

In the man's 10 km race, we had quite a few Slok runners. The first one there was Luk Peeters, 45:17. The Vanderzande brothers finished 69th (Tom) and 72nd (Raf) in approximately 46 minutes. Finally, there was Bram Boeckx, performing well by finishing 119th in 49:23.

Bram Boeckx

Whoopy Franssen finished 12th in the 5 km race, but she commented after the race that she was not satisfied with her result.

All results and the track can be found at the official site.


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