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zondag, maart 15, 2009

Fabulous Fabien Pasquasy

In Belgium 2 important competitions took place last weekend. On saturday evening (14/03) the runners participated at the Belgian night champs and on sunday (15/03) they were present at a national middle distance event.

Belgian night-o champs:
In class H21E Fabien Pasquasy performed very strong. He made only 2 small mistakes in a technical area and took the victory 2 minutes ahead of Thomas van der Kleij. Jan Oeyen took the bronze medal. Read the article about the Belgian night champs.

H21E: (7800m)
1. PASQUASY Fabien 0:44:11
2. VAN DER KLEIJ Thomas 0:46:05
3. OEYEN Jan 0:50:19

In class D21E Saartje Sallaert was in a close fight with Greet Oeyen whole the race. At the end Sallaerts made a big mistake (5min), so Oeyen won the gold medal. Sallaerts became 2nd and Ellen Omblets 3rd.

D21E: (6100m)
1. OEYEN Greet 0:54:24
2. SALLAERTS Saartje 0:59:00
3. OMBLETS Ellen 1:17:44

Map (H40 - Vladimir Geldof)

Frank Buytaert, Thomas van der Kleij and Desmond Franssen at a middle distance training by coursesetter Peter Bleyens. Despite this specific training they didn't succeed to beat fabulous Fabi.

National middle distance event:
Today the 2nd Belgian national event took place. Everyone could expect a fast race in the north of Flanders. Both the terrain and the coursesetting (H21E) were very nice.
Fabulous Fabi showed again his great shape and won this race very easily. He ran an average 4'48min/km! His strongest opponent was again Thomas van der Kleij, but he lost more than 2 minutes at control 21 (H21E). A lot of runners lost time at this control, because it wasn't placed at the right place. Also at control 13 (H21E) the map wasn't totally correct (very fast average min/km towards control 14, because the distance wasn't correct).
At the end Jeroen Hoekx finished in 2nd position, only 1 second ahead of junior runner Wouter Leeuws.

H21E: (7100m)
1. PASQUASY Fabien 0:34:09
2. HOEKX Jeroen 0:38:08
3. LEEUWS Wouter 0:38:09
In women's class it was obvious that Kim Geypen is in good shape at this moment (see results physical testrun). Also today she won the race 4 minutes ahead of Belgian night champion Greet Oeyen. Catherine Hoofd took a good start this season and finished in 3rd position.

D21E: (5500m)
1. GEYPEN Kim 0:37:27
2. OEYEN Greet 0:41:43
3. HOOFD Catherine 0:42:31

Map (H21E - Desmond Franssen)


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