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zondag, maart 01, 2009

Belgian season kicks off: Pasquasy and Tulleneers victorious

Today the first national event in Belgium took place. The place to be was 'Waterschei', well known for its slag heaps (terrils), in Flanders. Two years ago, the season also kicked off at the same place on the same map (article 2007).

Adriaan Pelckmans (new elite runner) and Yannick Michiels (1st in H18): ready for topresults.

In class H21elite, it looks like the results of 2007 are copied. Again Fabien Pasquasy took the victory with a big margin ahead of Thomas van der Kleij. Fabien took an excellent start and didn't make any big mistakes. Afterwards he told us that it was even possible to run 3'30 faster (without mistakes). Ken Peeters (who became 7th at the German night champs yesterday evening) became 3rd today.
Michel Bastin showed that he's in good shape and ran the 2nd best time, but he punched a wrong control during his race.

Results H21E 12500m:
1. PASQUASY Fabien 1:12:34
2. VAN DER KLEIJ Thomas 1:19:11
3. PEETERS Ken 1:22:21
4. TALLOEN Joost 1:24:15
5. VAN DER KLEIJ Jeroen 1:28:02
6. HOEKX Jeroen 1:28:26

Thomas van der Kleij (2nd in H21E) and Winston Fransen (3rd in H21A) discussing about their tactics

In D21elite only 4 runners took part. Kim Geypen participated at the Belgian cross country champs and Miek Fabre ran a short distance because of her injury.
The results in women class were very close. In the end Veerle Tulleneers took the victory, Greet Oeyen became 2nd and Saartje Sallaert 3rd.

Results D21E 7600m:
1. TULLENEERS Veerle 1:08:10
2. OEYEN Greet 1:08:32
3. SALLAERTS Saartje 1:19:42
4. ROGGEMAN Greet 1:43:05

Map H21E (Fabien Pasquasy - 1st)
Map H21E (Jeroen Hoekx - 6th)
Map H21E (Vladimir Geldof - 23st)
Map H21E (Michel Bastin - DSQ)
Map H21A (Desmond Franssen - 2nd)
Map H18 (Yannick Michiels - 1st)
Photos (Jacques Grauls @


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