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maandag, oktober 27, 2008

WC Einderheide

Low temperatures, falling leaves, fast forests, high speed orienteering: yes, the reason we've been training all summer long has started: the Wintercriterium!

According to the Federation website, the fourth event was run yesterday, on Einderheide in Riethoven (NL), together with a Dutch national event. The ranking itself, though, seems to have missed the second event (the Flemish middle distance championship) unfortunately.

Last year, the ranking was won by Wannes Hendrickx, and he plans to do the same this year, he assured De Laatste Post. Competition will be tough though. Oeyen, Timmers, Buytaert and Hendrickx himself are among the top runners who competed in all events up to now. Van der Kleij (x3), Franssen (x2) and your correspondent have already missed one or more events and are already facing a deficit.

In the women's class, Kim Steegen won last year and she's also aiming high this year, but she will have a tough time, as Greet Oeyen is already closing in on her.

Sunday's race had an international podium in the men's class, with yours truly taking the first place, Wouter Foppen (NL) in second position and Ralph Kurt (GER) completing the winners rostrum. Far more surprising was that Dunja van de Riet was marginally faster than Greet Oeyen in the women's class, with junior Anne van Zweeden in third place.


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