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zondag, oktober 19, 2008

Belgian championship sprint: results and map

On saturday (18/10) the replay of the Belgian championship sprint distance took place. Because of a stolen control (the story) during the previous edition, only the class HE had a second chance yesterday.
The previous edition took place in Lommel city. The replay took place in Genk, in a forrest environment. So in this terrain the fast runners weren't the big favourits. This kind of map suited more the technical strong runners.

Start to control 5:
The beginning of the race was pretty fast and easy between buildings and houses. Jan Oeyen took a very fast start and was the leader after 5 controls (the end of the easy part). He was only 1 second ahead of Fabien Pasquasy and Joost Talloen. But the differences between the several runners were still very small.

Ranking at control 5:
1. Jan Oeyen 3'37
2. Fabien Pasquasy 3'38
Joost Talloen 3'38
4. Nicolas Sillien 3'46
5. Simon Leroy 3'52

Control 5 to 10:
When the runners crossed the street, they came into a more technical and green forrest. At control 6, some favourits like Nicolas Sillien and Michel Bastin lost a lot of time (and the chance to be on the podium). Also the long leg towards control 7 caused problems for several runners. Remarkable: Fabien Pasquasy run very fast towards control 7, he won 20 seconds or more compared with his closest contestants and afterwards he was in the lead with a big margin. Towards control 8, Joost Talloen (who run in 2nd position) made a really big mistake. So finally it was Desmond Franssen who run in 2nd position at the 10th control, only a few seconds ahead of Jan Oeyen (3th) and Thomas van der Kleij (4th).

Ranking at control 10:
1. Fabien Pasquasy 10'56
2. Desmond Franssen 11'41
3. Jan Oeyen 11'50
4. Thomas van der Kleij 11'52
5. Bruno De Lat 12'36

Fabien Pasquasy: the new Belgian champion sprint distance

Control 10 to the finish:
The technical control 11 and the routechoice towards control 12 would decide about the podium. The final controls (13 and 14) were pretty easy. Fabien Pasquasy lost some time on his way to control 12, but his lead was big enough to secure the victory. He already won the middle and relay championships and now he took his 3th national title in 2008.
Desmond Franssen took some bonustime towards control 11, compared with van der Kleij and Oeyen. But towards control 12 he lost 30 seconds with a bad routechoice. So Thomas van der Kleij took the 2nd spot and won silver. Franssen became 3th, Oeyen 4th and De Lat 5th.

Final Ranking:
1. Fabien Pasquasy 15'59
2. Thomas van der Kleij 16'50
3. Desmond Franssen 17'08
4. Jan Oeyen 17'50
5. Bruno De Lat 17'59

In 2009 the national championship sprint distance will take place in Namur (city).

Splittimes (select: class 3)


  • At 20/10/08 21:35, Anonymous Desmond said…


    Thanks to Alain Mazy, the belranking is up to date again. Still 2 Belranking-events to go in 2008 (during the sylvester 5days).

  • At 24/10/08 08:08, Anonymous Anoniem said…

    Why map is not drawn according ti ISSOM ?


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