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maandag, februari 18, 2008

Hendrickx wins Wintercriterium

On Sunday, the 15th and last WC event took place in Kiewit. Wannes Hendrickx (KOL) was already sure of the overall victory before the start of this nervous middle distance race (results, map), which was won by Jeroen Hoekx (hamok), seeking revenge for Hendrickx's sprint victory in the physical test on saturday. Hendrickx collected 10410 points this winter, participating in 13/15 events. Only the 12 best results are taken into account for the ranking.

The women's class was won by Kim Steegen with a combined total of 11130, although she also had to give the 1000 points to another runner, Goele Hermans (Omega) on sunday.

When we take a look at the other categories, we see an impressive vicory in H35 by Frank Buytaert. He scored 11280 points, starting in 14 races. In Kiewit, when glimpsing at the splits, he won all but one of the intermediates. Other runners breaking the magical barrier of 10000 points are Luc Cloostermans (10557) in H45 and Wim Hoekx (10702) in H50.

The races and winners

Bos van Hees, Schaffen : Bart Mellebeek

Schemmersberg, Genk : Jeroen Hoekx

Herfstwisselbeker, Koersel : Geert Simkens (related)

Rik Thys, Opoeteren : Jeroen Hoekx

De Winner, Eksel : Paul Goossens

Kamp van Beverlo, Leopoldsburg :  Jeroen Hoekx (report)

Tielen Kamp, Tielen : Jeroen Hoekx (report)

Heidehuizen, Mol : Jan Oeyen (report)

De Groote Cirkel, Reusel : Jan Oeyen

Vriesel, Oelegem : Desmond Franssen (report)

Kelchterhoef, Houthalen : Geert Simkens (related)

Ham, Ham : Jeroen Hoekx (report)

Geneberg, Ham : Jeroen Hoekx (report)

Staleykerheide, Leopoldsburg : Jeroen Hoekx

Kiewit, Hasselt : Jeroen Hoekx

With the wintercriterium finished, ranking runners have their next ranking, the national regularity, starting on sunday, with the first national event in Dilsenerbos.