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zondag, oktober 12, 2008

Flemish championship middle distance

Today the district championship in the north of Belgium took place. In december 2007 a world ranking event was organised on the same map: Hechtelse Duinen (results WRE 2007). During that WRE Bart Delobel won the competition in HE. In 2008 he already won 3 Flemish championships (long, sprint and night). So he was for sure the big favourite today.

But Bart was tired, because he practised sports the whole week in the army. Jeroen Hoekx ran very strong today and he won the district championship. He was 17 seconds faster than Bart Delobel and nearly 2 minutes faster than Desmond Franssen (3th).

In the womens class, it was a fight between Aline Hermans and Greet Oeyen. Aline Hermans took the victory, she was 1 minute faster than Greet. But Aline lives in the south of Belgium, so Greet is the new Flemish champion middle distance. Ewa Fiuk became 3th.

Map part 1
Map part 2