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zondag, oktober 19, 2008

Relay Rik Thys: results and map

On friday 17/10, 151 teams (each team includes three runners) were present at the startline in Gruitrodebos during the relay Rik Thys. The competition was again a perfect organisation: a technical map, a nice coursesetting, an interesting environment for the spectators, a radiocontrol, a spectatorscontrol, good accomodation, drinks, food...

After the startsignal Gunther Deferme (who run the CISM last week) took immediately the lead, followed by Desmond Franssen (Trol1), Christophe Bernard (Asub) and Bart van de Moortel (Omega1). The positions didn't change untill the 6th control. But towards the radiocontrol (number 7) Deferme and Franssen made a big mistake, they lost nearly 5minutes. So Christophe Bernard became the lonely leader and he kept this position untill the finish(his time was 43'03). Behind him, the positions changed several times because a lot of runners made mistakes. In the end Jeroen van der Kleij (Ham ok1), who had a bad start, became 2nd with 46'25. Closely followed by Gunther Deferme (2 A), Jo Linten (Wing Heli) and Bart van de Moortel (Omega1) in 5th position.

Leg 2:
Member of the national junior team, Quentin De Neyer (Asub), started in 1st position with a 3 minutes bonus. He told us afterwards that he was a little bit confused during his race. When he arrived at the 3th control, he couldn't find it immediately. But suddenly a woman run towards him and asked him for which control he was looking. He answered: I'm looking for control number 110. The woman had that control in her hand and gave it to him. She explained that some children had stolen it, but she didn't know the exact location of the control. So Quentin punched the 'walking control' and placed it again at the right place. Despite this adventure, he finished still more than 3 minutes ahead of the 2nd team: Omega1 with Sooi Jacobs. 2 minutes later Nico Schrans (Cbos) showed up in 3th position. Luc Melis (Ham ok1) had an offday and lost some crucial time. He became 4th, only 30 seconds ahead of 10W Tac (Paul Goossens).

Leg 3:
At the beginning of the final leg Jean-Noel Debehogne (Asub) was in the lead 4 minutes ahead of Omega (Roel van de Moortel), 6 minutes ahead of Cbos (Guy Tirez), 14 minutes ahead of Ham ok (Dries van der Kleij) and 15 minutes ahead of 10W Tac (Benjamin Anciaux). It was for sure that those 5 runners would fight for the victory.
Benjamin Anciaux started very strong and he catched up Dries van der Kleij at the 3th control. But towards the 4th control they split up and Benjamin made a mistake. Van der Kleij continued his race lonely and performed very strong. He passed Tirez and Debehogne and finished with the best leg time in 2nd position. Only Roel van de Moortel succeeded to stay ahead of Dries, so Omega won the relay Rik Thys 2008. They were 3 minutes faster than Ham ok. Asub became 3th, Cbos 4th and 10W Tac 5th. 2/4L who won the relay last year, became 6th.

Dries vander Kleij (Ham ok1)

A report:
Best leg time: Dries van der Kleij 41'19
Best leg time H/D+4O: Iwan Vis 44'53
Best civil team: Omega
Best military team: Cbos

Photos (coming soon)


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