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zondag, september 21, 2008

HOC wins Belgian Relay Championship

HOC, with Fabien Pasquasy and the two Frenchmen Vincent Coupat and Johann Tinchant was the fastest club today in Marche. They were about 10 minutes faster than Hamok with Dries and Thomas van der Kleij and Jeroen Hoekx, followed at another 10 minutes by last year’s winner KOL, now with a completely new team: Dries Heuninckx, Bruno De Lat and Tom Mariën.

HOC’s starter Coupat took the lead from hamok at the second control and finished with an advantage of almost 4 minutes, while hamok had to gain more places in the last part, arriving only fifth at the spectator control, but finishing in second place, half a minute in front of Christophe Bernard of Asub. Nearby, there was also Noël Nijsten for Borasca and Dries Heuninckx for KOL. Other favourites, like Trol, Omega and NSV Amel already lost some time during the first leg.

Hamok’s second runner Dries van der Kleij was not able to close the gap to HOC’s Johann Tinchant, but still managed a clean run, losing three minutes, but more importantly, increasing the lead to the third club by quite a few minutes. KOL arrived in third place, with Bruno De Lat, always good in Relays. Asub got lost somewhere, but the others were able to keep up the fight for the third place.

Fabien Pasquasy ran the third leg for HOC. With such a comfortable advantage, it was almost impossible that he would not win the championship. Hamok’s runner was Thomas van der Kleij, who did another steady race and secured the second place, just like last year. While there was not much exciting about the first two places, the fight for the third place was more interesting: Omega’s Bart Delobel, Borasca’s Jan Oeyen, Robert Theiss for NSV Amel and Tom Mariën for KOL were close together, but in the end, KOL was the clear number three, securing their position during the last 3 controls.

hamok, HOC, KOL

The women’s class was more exciting. The clear favourites in this class were Omega with Miek Fabré, Els Talloen and Elisabeth Henkes, and CO Liège with Aline Hermans and Muriël and Severine Vandermeulen. Fabré was by far the fastest first leg runner and she gave Talloen, perhaps Omega’s weakest link, a comfortable lead, which she was not able to hold, however.

Ardoc, with Katharina Henkes and Veronique Bastin was the first team to start the third leg, but Anne Werding was not able to match the speed of the competition, most notably Aline Hermans and Elisabeth Henkes. At the spectator control, about halfway, Hermans was leading, but the young Henkes was less than a minute behind. In a breathtaking sprint, it was eventually Henkes who crossed the finish line first. The third place was for Asub, but at quite a distance.


  • At 21/9/08 20:41, Blogger sofie said…

    second series of pictures now added.

  • At 21/9/08 23:45, Blogger maps said…

    Deze reactie is verwijderd door de auteur.

  • At 22/9/08 11:08, Blogger sofie said…

    Afwezige jeremy genar zat van het weekend blijkbaar op de Finse kampioenschappen..

  • At 22/9/08 11:26, Blogger jeroen vdK said…

    Ik heb hem wel niet in de resultaten zien staan..

  • At 22/9/08 11:55, Blogger sofie said…

    Hier resultaten:

    Zijn vooropgestelde doelstelling (finale) niet bereikt, maar al bij al zo slecht nog niet lijkt me.

  • At 22/9/08 12:36, Blogger sofie said…

    en de resultaten van de B finale:

  • At 22/9/08 16:42, Anonymous Anoniem said…

    Niemand commentaar over het BK aflossing?

    Nu ja BK? Open Frans kampioenschap was misschien beter geweest?
    Heb nog altijd van niemand gehoord wat nu de echte beweegredenen zijn om een BK open te stellen voor Jan en Alleman. Het enige wat ik hoorde was dat dit in nog enkele landen zo is. So what?Zonde van de "echte" Belgische elitelopers om zo een Belgische titel aan hun neus te zien voorbij gaan.
    Als men toch persé een open-kampioenschap wil vind ik het niet onlogisch om te eisen dat deze buitenlanders minstens aan bijvoorbeeld drie nationales deelnemen in het kalenderjaar alvorens zij startgerechtigd zouden zijn voor "hun" Belgische club.
    Sneu voor Jeroen, Dries en Thomas om op deze manier geklopt te worden.

    Wim Hoekx

  • At 22/9/08 20:02, Blogger Heun said…

    Dan had dat opgenomen moeten worden in het decreet dat vorig jaar bekrachtigd werd. Sneu, misschien wel ja, maar wel conform de reglementen. Een werkpuntje voor de bevoegde commissies voor volgend kalenderjaar.

  • At 22/9/08 21:46, Anonymous Fabien Pasquasy said…

    Yes, I heard some critics last Sunday. I can of course read it and understand it in some way. BUT some should maybe try to understand my arguments I’ll try to expose it below.

    Since 12 years (since I’m junior in fact) I’m running for foreign clubs (in France and Finland – nowadays in Sweden) and a lot of people were encouraging me to do it to learn and to be a better orienteer. I learnt a lot, more than in Belgian national team where we don’t have any professional coach (no former international elite orienteer), any professional structure and more important not so much top runners to share experiences with.

    I would take as an example a young Flemish as Jeremy Genar who was running the Finnish relay champs last weekend. Everybody will agree that he’s doing the right choice to become a top orienteer. If he had won last Sunday with his finish clubs everybody in Belgium would applauded him and probably me first as I did a lot of sacrifices as him at his age. It seems also normal to everybody that Matthias Merz became last Sunday Finnish champion in relay. I’m wondering when people will understand that sharing experiences and having the opportunity to run against better runners will give you the way to be better. I’m wondering why people prefer to be a winner in his own village than to be 15th in world champs. In my point of view the big question and interrogation from last Sunday should be why the only one man junior team didn’t participate to H-Open class. Prefer to be a winner than compete against the best Belgians and some of the best Elite French runners (both were selected by France this year – EOC and WOC) ? Why people were not happy to have such runners at home ? They should be proud of that.

    As I mentioned I ran a lot of foreign national champs in relay (Sweden, Finland, France) and also a lot of big relays like Tiomila, Jukola, Spring Cup, O-Festivalen and thus gave a lot for foreign clubs. I ran some good legs in relays and particularly I won French club champs in 2005 with my French team mates as anchor man. Last Sunday my two friends (and team mates since a lot of years) gave me something back and offered us the opportunity to win the BK relay. Maybe with 12 years of sacrifices and hours of travelling, training, competing for foreign clubs, it was the time to have something back at home. Is somebody knows and is able to appreciate (in term of money and time spending) what I did for foreign clubs since 12 years ?

    If we would have been second last Sunday behind fictive BABA’s dream team composed by Thierry Gueorgiou, Daniel Hubman and Iwan Vis, I would have been proud and very happy to have had the opportunity to run and compete against them.

    You need to compete against the best to be a top orienteer. Modestly I’m sure that without that way of thinking you will never be an Elite athlete.

  • At 23/9/08 09:09, Blogger dries said…

    I agree, rules have been applied, no discussion possible.

    I think this rule should be there for frequent crossborder runners. In other (big orienteering) countries this rule is in the same way applied. Difference between those countries and Belgium is the level of competition. There the level is so high that the winners CAN be foreigners, but here it is "the winners for sure will be the foreigners" (or almost for sure)

    It is a good thing that those french runners come to Belgium. It would however be nicer that they would also run in your team the last few years (not classified). And like Wim says, it would be nice if they also are there on a few individual races. The level would go up.

    About myself: I'm sure my focus was higher because I knew that if we could beat HOC it would be an incredible achievement. The difference in level however was too big to get close. We as HAMOK team are very satisfied with our result and in the same time a bit disappointed. If "la brabançonne" would be played it would be a joke of course, because the French runners don't feel like a belgian (even wearing an outfit with "FRANCE" on the back.) Maybe next year an outfit of HOC??

  • At 23/9/08 10:03, Anonymous Pasquasy Fabien said…

    Just say that Johann Tinchant won HOCup last april and was FRSO champion both in sprint and middle.

    Vincent didn't come as he was selected by France for a TC.

    Next year (if it's possible for the international calendar) they will maybe come for some races (belgian champs, WRE, ... and BK relay if the rules stayed similar).

    I won two french champs (H18 and H21E) with some belgian team clothes on me. Nobody in France gave me critics about that and FRSO delegation and team leaders were proud of it.

    A least last Sunday we had the same black jacket during medal ceremony. We didn't wear HOC clothes as we didn't have it. I'll promise to do some new ones for next relay.

    Congratulations for HAMOK. They did a great race and really it was not an easy win. I was unsecure during the race and lost 4.5min. It will be a big battle next year. I'm waiting for KOL too.

  • At 23/9/08 11:44, Blogger JeroenH said…

    I think both views are quite valid.

    On one hand, we *want* those French runners in Belgium, but on the other hand, like Dries said, it's a bit unfair to the other teams. Nothing stops us to go shopping for runners elsewhere, but well, that would just be silly.

    Fabien's teammates do have the intention to run several races in Belgium, which is good. But just paying 3 Russians to win the relay would be unacceptable. We might want to consider some criteria for foreign runners, like a certain (but low: 2/3) number of races, to participate in the relay championship. Tinchant, with just HOCCup is fine for me, whereas a runner just appearing out of the blue (pun intended) is not.

    Maybe this is the time to change the rules for the Interclub and change it into some sort of big relay like in France, where clubs can field the best runners they have and which would be truly Open, also to foreign clubs. Currently, the team with the most participants just wins.

    But even if the rules stay the same, next year we will be better and we could have finished closer this year already!

  • At 23/9/08 12:18, Anonymous Fabien said…

    Last post for me about this subject... on De Laaste Post blog.

    HOC didn't pay Vincent and Johann. It's only based on strong relationship since few years. Friendship only... and team mates from French club (OTB - Besançon) and HOC.

    If you are really good friend with Khramov you could invite him next year. It would be fun (if he will come). Let's try ;-)))

    I fully agree about BK club champs organized as a big relay (6 runners with young and veterans inside the same team). It's a way to develop our clubs.

  • At 23/9/08 19:47, Blogger Heun said…

    I was very pleased by the finish of the women open. They fulfilled my wish to see a championship decided in a sprint perfectly.

  • At 24/9/08 09:51, Anonymous Séverine said…

    not so pleased when you are the second team -)) I'm joking, congratulation again to OMEGA!

  • At 24/9/08 12:56, Anonymous Anoniem said…

    Ik kom volgend jaar me 2 goei zweden aan de start

  • At 24/9/08 13:58, Blogger sofie said…

    niet vergeten van ze vanaf 1 januari lid te laten worden he ;)

  • At 24/9/08 14:57, Blogger Xtof said…

    "Maybe this is the time to change the rules for the Interclub and change it into some sort of big relay"

    Answering to Jeroen, this proposal was made at the Club Conference this year... but not accepted !

    Btw, I hope that all clubs will come with many teams to the "Belgian Clubs Relay" : it will take place in Arlon in April, and I promise it will be a great event.

  • At 24/9/08 15:52, Anonymous Fabien Pasquasy said…

    It was not accepted because they didn't really understand the concept I think (or maybe the big clubs wanted to win again and are afraid about the new proposal).

    Belgian Club relays should work very well anyway and it will be a great event. FRSO clubs champs is already working in that way.

    In few years this concept (French Club Champs) became the first orienteering event in France (around 2000 runners right now) fighting and training all the year. Clubs are now organizing training camps and local trainings during all the year to reach as a goal that event. Therefore new runners (young and old) are included into the clubs. It's a success's key for Orienteering. See how it is in Nordic countries (Tiomila, Jukola).

  • At 26/9/08 13:56, Blogger johann said…

    In relay, everything can happen. So, I'm agree with Fabien, it was not an easy race for us cause we have to make 3 good races.
    If we can (Vincent and me), we'll come again in Belgium next year and especially for the Relay. The battle with KOL (-complete team-), Hamok and others will be interesting for sure.

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