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zondag, december 02, 2007

Results physical testrun Belgian national team

On saturday (1/12) the first meeting of the Belgian national team took place. Most of the athletes were present during the physical test run. Masstart and 5 times 2km on little paths in Brussels forest surroundings was the target for the runners.

Men results: (10km)
1.  Etienne Van Gasse             34'42
Nicolas Sillien 34'42
3. Johan Goubau 36'19
4. Bart Delobel 37'32
5. Jan Gilot 38'07
Jeroen Hoekx 38'07
7. Michel Bastin 38'35
8. Kim Wallaert 38'46
9. Julien Goubau 38'57
10. Wannes Hendrickx 39'00
11. Thomas van der Kleij 39'19
12. Christophe Bernard 41'19
Jean-François Krier 41'19
- Vincent Sillien ab.

Women results: (8km)
1.  Veerle Tulleneers             34'16
2. Aline Hermans 35'28
3. Kim Geypen 35'36
4. Anne Françoise Hennen 36'17
5. Severine Vandermeulen 36'29
6. Greet Oeyen 36'53
7. Saartje Sallaerts 37'56
8. Vinciane Mulpas 38'37
9. Véronique Bastin 40'08

The next physical testrace will take place in february (16th) on the same track in Auderghem.
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Kamp van Beverlo:
Today (2/12) the regional event in Leopoldsburg took place. In the mens class Jeroen Hoekx took the victory. He took the second victory in row on this map and run an average speed from 4'56min/km. His time (46'10 on a 9.3km track) was 30 seconds faster than Jan Oeyen. Homerunner Guy Tirez became 3th with 48'19. In the womens class Veerle Tulleneers took the victory.
Below you can find the results and map.


Jeroen Hoekx sure of his victory on the way to control 15 (Source:


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