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donderdag, februari 07, 2008

SlokTC in Meerdaalwoud

Day 3 of the Slok trainingcamp took place today near Leuven. In the afternoon, there was a long distance run in Meerdaalwoud.

Here's a minute of video (Author: Thomas van der Kleij):

More photos are also available.

There is also more interesting transfer news coming the next days, we'll keep you updated!


  • At 15/2/08 10:03, Blogger Dries said…

    "the next days" or the next weeks ;)?

  • At 20/2/08 21:27, Blogger JeroenH said…

    Unreliable sources, Dries... Our mole was not giving the correct info, now we know more, but we'll post it as soon as orienteering in patagonia appears :-) (or when there is a better moment)


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