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donderdag, februari 07, 2008

TC in Scheveningen (NL)

As part of our much larger training camp near Leuven this week, Slok went to Scheveningen in The Netherlands to enjoy some sun at the beach and watch a lot of really cool dunes. We even managed to obtain two maps there!

Our first training map was in a military terrain, called Uilenbosch, home of the first day of the 2005 Dutch three-days around Easter. The terrain has a lot of steep dunes and some green bushes you really want to avoid. Our training was something that is apparently called Run-Run. We also did it last year during our training camp in Fontainebleau. All runners start in a mass start and the first one to reach the control waits there until all runners have passed and joins the group from behind, trying to regain places.

The training went well, except that we weren't able to run the whole course. The Atlantic Wall kept us out of the area of controls 22-26, unfortunately. A closed gate near our parking spot also almost kept us inside the terrain with too much shooting going on at the nearby shooting range Fortunately a hole in the fence allowed us to escape.

The afternoon training run was at Haagse Slurf, a name that is clear as soon as you see the map. We managed to do a challenging course setting ourselves and although the terrain was not as difficult as Uilenbosch, the high running speeds still made it a challenge.

The first and last controls were in a relatively flat open area, before proceeding to te high dunes in the eastern part of the map. A small loop in the forest made for another interesting route choice towards control 16, again in the dunes, where the remainder of the course took place.

The Slok minibus enjoying the seaside landscape.

The next days, Slok will be training in and around Leuven.


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