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zondag, februari 28, 2010

Flying Fabi dominates in Belgians 1.Nat

Today the first national event in Belgium took place. The competition was even more important because:
- the elite category counted also for the Belgian university champs.
- for categories -16 and -18, it was one of the 3 selection races counting for a place in the EYOC team this year, which will be organised in Spain..

Today the place to be was "Opglabbeek", well known for its famous delicious restaurant " Winston 2" near control 28 of the M21E course.

The weather conditions were extreme because of the storm 'Xyntia' developed in the Atlantic off the Portuguese island of Madeira surprised the runners during this competition. Even the starttent of the competition was totally ruined..


In W21E Kim Geypen won the race in ahead of Severine Vandermeulen and teammate Miek Fabré. Taking in count that Kim wasn't even pushing too hard today, because she's heading for the Belgian cross country champs 14/03/2010 in Oostende.

In M21E, due to his newborn son, Fabien Pasquasy couldn't sleep very well last night. But despite that fact all Belgians were hoping to see Fabien flying again today .. and indeed he was flying again like never before.
He dominated the field totally with a solid and fast run. .. more than 6 minutes ahead of Pieter Hendrickx (2nd) and Ken Peeters (3rd).

Fabien on Woc 2009

Some young Norwegian runners from the club Lillomarka were having a trainingscamp in Belgium. They showed some good results in M21E today. But that's not a surprise after the victory from Gaute Hallan Steiwer some weeks ago at the WRE in Allicante (results). He even beat Bart Delobel in Spain.

Facts from the 1st national competition:
Map M21E: Ken Peeters (part1, part2) and Desmond Franssen (part1, part2)

coming up next week : Interland..
Next weekend The Interland competition will take place in Flanders (Leopoldsburg) . An international orienteering match between England, two Belgian teams (Flemish and French speaking), the Dutch, a French and the Nordrhein-Westfalische (NW Germany) team. Each nation hosts the event in turn since 1995.

The relay map of Jwoc 1997 will be used , a map for a battle between the faster guys as GG and Fabi, even we don't know the shape of Graham we're looking forward to this fight..

Extra information: 2009 Interland M21E results 1. Graham Gristwood 01:13:532. Fabien Pasquasy 01:15:123. Matthew Crane 01:17:44


  • At 1/3/10 21:58, Blogger sofie said…

    Opgelet! Teken gesignaleerd na gisteren...

  • At 1/3/10 22:56, Anonymous Anoniem said…

    Verslag van de Noren:

  • At 2/3/10 13:28, Blogger Dries said…

    En waar kan ik het eindresultaat van de "Belgian university champs" vinden? Voor zo ver ik kan zien staan er enkel clubnamen in de resultaten geen universiteits namen.

  • At 2/3/10 13:55, Anonymous Anoniem said…

    Uitslag universitair kampioenschap:

  • At 2/3/10 14:02, Blogger Dries said…

    Uit goede bron net volgende link gekregen:

    Miek en Ken proficiat! Zo te zien renderen de SLOK training nog.

  • At 2/3/10 19:44, Anonymous Anoniem said…

    Ook Vladimir Geldof is aan het lijstje 'trainingslogs' toegevoegd...

  • At 4/3/10 18:05, Anonymous Anoniem said…

    De starttijden voor de interland zijn, raar?

  • At 4/3/10 20:50, Anonymous Anoniem said…

    Fabien maakt op zijn AP bekend dat hij niet zal deelnemen aan de interland wegens gezondheidsproblemen van de zoon.


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