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woensdag, januari 27, 2010

Andis Laveikis ends as he started: with a victory

Latvian Trol Andis Laveikis ends his Belgian campaign the same way he started it on august 23 last year: with a clear victory. With a km time of 5’14” he beat fellow Trol Ken Peeters in sunday’s competition on the map Weelde Vliegveld by just over one minute. The third podium place was also taken by a Trol, Desmond Franssen.

Andis Laveikis (right) next to the autor of this article (Marc Leers - left) in Weelde

Andis will return to his native country Latvia next Sunday, after a six months stay in Belgium as an Erasmus student. The all round athlete will be busy over the next couple of weeks, preparing for the Latvian championships cross country skiing in march. Also the big Scandinavian relay competitions, like Tiomila and Jukola, are on his program again.

About his orienteering campaign in Belgium, the young Latvian expressed his admiration for the course planners, who managed most of the time to make the courses interesting, even in the rather flat Flemish forests and also the passion for the sport amongst the small Belgian orienteering population.

Results Weelde
Splittimes Weelde
Map Weelde (Ken Peeters)


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