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dinsdag, december 30, 2008

WRE: Sylvester stage 5

Who won the last world ranking event in 2008? The answer is: Thomas van der Kleij (BEL) and Masha Semak (UKR). They were the winners at the 5th stage at the sylvester 5-days in Belgium.

In class H21E Thomas van der Kleij ran a strong race. It was obvious that he's recovered from his flu. He was pretty happy about his result and he didn't make any big mistakes. He lost some time towards control 6, because he wasn't sure about his direction. He ran without a compass for the 2nd day in a row. It looks like the new Pasi Ikonen is born.
Nick Barrable from Great-Brittain became 2nd today. He lost crucial time towards the 19th control (33 seconds). At the finishline he was 26 seconds slower than van der Kleij. Desmond Franssen, who didn't make any big mistakes, became 3rd. He was 48 seconds slower than the winner. Junior runner Wouter Leeuws became 4th, Jeroen Hoekx 5th and Michel Bastin 6th.

In the overall ranking, we expected a close fight between Ken Peeters (BEL) and Nick Barrable (GBR). But Peeters had an off-day and became 13th today. So Nick Barrable won the sylvester 5-days. He was better than Ken Peeters (2nd) and Jan Oeyen (3th).

Ken Peeters (photos: Jacques Grauls)

In women's class (D21E) Masha Semak (UKR) took the victory. She was 3'30 faster than Kim Geypen (BEL). The fight for the 3th spot was very close. But Sadie Zwikker (NED) became 3rd, Katja Stöckli (SUI) 4th, Aline Hermans (BEL) 5th and Sabrina Merihein (FIN) 6th.

In the overall ranking Masha Semak was the clear winner. Sabrina Merihein became 2nd and Saartje Sallaerts 3rd.

Map (routechoices Desmond Franssen)
Final results sylvester 5-days