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zondag, januari 04, 2009

VVO results 2008

We have an overview of almost all orienteering events in Flanders in 2008. Approximately 1509 people ran an official competition in the Flemish forests last year. That number does not include military events, where a fair number of additional runners can be found.

All non-military events in Flanders that did use a not too esoteric results format are included. You can click on a name to view the individual results of a runner. Furthermore, the total time in the forest is calculated, along with the average km-time. Clicking on "Graph" displays a graph, using the Scottish scoring system for each event.

You can also sort the results on: name, the total time in the forest, the number of events a runner ran and the average km-time of that runner. If you're only interested in runners of a certain club, say hamok, you put "club=hamok" in the filter field. If you are, for whatever reason, only interested in female runners whose name includes "van", "name=van; cat=d" is what should appear in the filter field.

Some interesting results:

The fastest runner, on average, was Fabien Pasquasy, with 5'26 min/km, but he ran just 3 events. Bart Delobel and your reporter ran, respectively, 10 and 32 events, yet still averaged 5'55.

The runner spending the most time in the forest was Tinne Vanhout, totaling 43:29:15 in just 28 events, an impressive series indeed. She enjoyed the forest just 20 minutes longer than Frans Wens, but he needed 43 events for his total time. Frank Vinkx is also close, three minutes behind Wens. They are all certainly within the error margin of the results collecting program.

Leopold Ooms and Georges Timmermans both ran 46 events, one more than An Verberne and two more than Tuur Cloostermans. If we were to include military events, Cloostermans would have won this category we suppose, since when we told him he ran that number of events, he just laughed and said that he'd run far more races than that.


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