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zondag, februari 25, 2007

1.Nat. Waterschei

Belgian season kicks off . Today the Belgian season started officially, in the slag heaps (terrils) of waterschei

The M21E course was very varied with heavy parts on the hills, fast and technical parts in the flat and the sometimes dense vegetation. So to win this kind of races you have to be a complete orienteer: strong, fast and certainly steady in navigating through the race.

In the men's class Fabien Pasquasy took the victory, with an average speed of 5'50''/km. He was really flowing through the terrain and over the big hills today. But still he made several small mistakes.

In the next spots we find some talented youngsters Thomas van der Kleij (1985, map with routechoice) , Etienne Van Gasse (1984) and Joost Talloen (1983). But they were all more the 5 minutes behind Pasquasy. 5th was the recently crowned 'Golden compass' Pieter Hendrickx, while Nicolas Sillien took the 6th spot.

M21E - 12.100 m
1 Fabien Pasquasy 71.48
2 Thomas van der Kleij 76.57
3 Etienne Van Gasse 80.OO
4 Joost Talloen 80.58
5 Pieter Hendrickx 81.58
6 Nicolas Sillien 84.21

In the womens class, Aline Hermans showed she's back in good shape again. She had a winning gap of 6 minutes. For the second spot Severine Vandermeulen, Greet Oeyen and Veerle Tulleneers werer fighting for place 2 and 3. In the end Greet Oeyen was 50 seconds faster the Veerle Tulleneers, while Severine Vandermeulen was another 10 seconds behind.

W21E - 9.o00 m
1 Aline Hermans 75.28
2 Greet Oeyen 81.51
3 Veerle Tulleneers 82.39
4 Severine Vandermeulen 82.58
5 Anne-Françoise Hennen 87.43
6 Tinny Dams 90.16


Jos Thijs - 2nd place M60


  • At 26/2/07 13:43, Anonymous Anoniem said…

    Opvallende deelnemers waren ook Ria V. (D45) en Robert T. (H60). Beiden konden de overwinning niet behalen, maar dienden - zover ik weet - geen klacht in.


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