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zaterdag, december 27, 2008

Sylvester Day 2: Witte Bergen

The second day of the Sylvester 5 days took place today in Lichtaart (map Witte Bergen). This time, the terrain was the white open forest people expected. Fast running was essential to win this event, which was also a Belgian ranking event. But even the winner made a mistake in this tricky area.

The victory in men's elite race was for Frank Buytaert, he ran 8.3km in 47'24. At the end he was 10 seconds faster than Nick Barrable (2nd) and 30 seconds faster than Desmond Franssen (3rd). Jan Oeyen became 4th and Ingo Horst from Germany 5th.
Ken Peeters, the current leader, lost some time compared to his opponents Bart Delobel, Jan Oeyen and Nick Barrable, who are also aiming to win the sylvester 5-days.

In women's elite class, Kim Geypen won again. She was 1'32 faster than Masha Semak (Ukr). Dutch champion Sadie Zwikker became 3rd, closely followed by Saartje Sallaerts. Below you can see the map H21E.

Witte Bergen (click on the map to enlarge)

Overall results
Belgian ranking


  • At 28/12/08 14:36, Blogger sofie said…

    Goed nieuws voor SLOK:
    "Minister van Sport Bert Anciaux heeft extra geld vrijgemaakt om de sportinfrastructuur in ons land te verbeteren."

    waaronder Leuven Sportcomité KU Leuven - finse piste 72.000 euro


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