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vrijdag, december 12, 2008

Hechtelse Duinen: map + results

Today a military orienteering event took place in Flanders. Jeroen van der Kleij won easily, he was nearly 5 minutes faster than Jan Oeyen (2nd) and Desmond Franssen (3rd). Some other strong military athletes ran race 3, because of an intern competition.

Map Hechtelse Duinen: GPS tracking Jeroen vdK

Map part1
Map part2

Cross country:
Last week the national military championship cross country took place. Also some orienteers were present at this competition. For example in mens class: Bart Delobel (20th), Ben Gielen (47th), Benjamin Anciaux (49th), Paul Goossens(77th), Guy Tirez(162th), Vladimir Geldof (552th),... In womens class: Christa Bloemen (12th).

Results Men
Results Women


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