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zaterdag, december 20, 2008

National team Belgium: results physical testrun

Physical testrun:
Last saturday (13/12) the Belgian national team ran the physical testrun for the first time this season. It was not really a test, it was rather an introduction to the track. The male athletes had to run six rounds of around two kilometers (each round 30m uphill) and the female orienteers five rounds. Most of the runners took it easy and ran a few fast laps. The results are visible below.
The real test will take place on 07/03/2009. The time-limit will be 45 minutes for both men (12km) and women (10km). For your information: the Belgian night championships will take place one week later (14/03), so not on the same date than the physical testrun like announced in the past.

Results physical testrun (click on the photo to enlarge)

Some Belgian orienteers started using the website with online trainingschemes. It can be a motivation to read about trainings from other runners (specially during winter). Below some weblinks:

Training log Fabien Pasquasy
Training log Michel Bastin
Training log Desmond Franssen
Training log Ken Peeters
Training log Joost Talloen
Training log Jan Delobel

Military race Zwarte Weg:
On wednesday a military orienteering competition took place in a nice technical area in Flanders. Class 1 was the 'Inter smaldeel competition', specially for the military. Benjamin Anciaux gained the victory in this class. Guy Tirez took the victory in class 2. The map of race 3 (part1 and part2), results and splits are visible below:


Map 'Zwarte weg': part 1

Map Zwarte weg: part 2