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donderdag, september 18, 2008

Poll Relay Champs 2008

Can we have your votes for the following POLL...

Which club will win Belgian championship orienteering Relay?
CO Liege
Balise 10
Les Raptors
CLO Chiny
NSV Amel free polls
Sunday might be the most important day for Belgian orienteering clubs. Not only will we watch the results of the Open category but also an overall medal count will be made for sure.

In men open class the relay competition has been dominated by KOL for a few years now but from the team of last year not one runner is participating. Since this year also foreign runners can participate in the relay if they are member of the club since 1st of January of 2008. Fabien’s team with the 2 French runners Coupat and Tinchant is therefore a new team that will battle for victory.

Trol with 4 and Hamok with 5 runners in the top 20 of the BEL-ranking are 2 clubs that should have a nice team. Trol however is missing Desmond Franssen and the first team will be Ken Peeters, Tomas Henriksson and Winston Franssen. Hamok has a bit of a luxury problem, 6 runners are in rather good shape. The 3 brothers van der Kleij, Jeroen Hoekx, Gunther Deferme and Benjamin Anciaux all proved their shape the last few weeks. If the relay competition would be with 5 or more runners I’m sure Hamok would be the favourite.
Omega has a great team with junior top talent Wouter Leeuws, Joost Talloen and Bart Delobel (best Flemish runner). Borasca will miss Sam Deferm, and the team will probably be Jan Oeyen, Noel Nijsten and Nico Schrans. Other FRSO-clubs seem not to have a team that can be on the podium… Maybe NSV Amel can surprise with Thorsten Langer, Robert Theiss and Guido Lenges.

In womens class I would say that Omega, Hamok and CO Liège will divide the medals. But the winner of last year (CO Liège) is the favourite since Hamok will have to miss Greet Oeyen and Elien Melis and Omega misses Veerle Tulleneers and Kim Geypen.

The competition is on the very nice military terrains around Marche en famenne. It will be a challenge for the top orienteers to compete here at the high speed of a relay competition.

Results 2007
Related map (but now the competition takes place in a new zone)
Article about a relay in Marche


  • At 18/9/08 12:54, Anonymous DVG said…

    If SLOK was allowed to participate as a club I would vote for them :).

  • At 18/9/08 13:38, Blogger sofie said…

    In the women's class my vote goes to Omega with Fabré Miek (very good legs recently :)),Talloen Els and Henkes Elisabeth.
    Both Miek and Elisabeth showed good shape the last 2 weeks.

    Not sure of the level of COLiege's 3rd runner this year...

  • At 18/9/08 16:54, Anonymous Anoniem said…

  • At 18/9/08 17:02, Anonymous Anoniem said…

  • At 18/9/08 18:33, Blogger Heun said…

    Bij KOL H open zijn de ploegen nog niet definitief er zijn eventuele aanpassingen mogelijk.

    Van mij mag het kampioenschap in de sprint beslist worden. Dat is eens iets anders en leuk voor de toeschouwers.

  • At 19/9/08 16:04, Anonymous Desmond said…

    De trol-ploegen zijn ondertussen wel definitief. Omdat onze Zweedse trol zich niet 100% fit voelt na ziekte, heeft er toch nog een verschuiving plaatsgevonden in de eerste ploeg van trol:

    Kristof VAN BOUWEL
    Dieter MARINUS
    Michaël VAN BAELEN

    Michaël ROOMAN

    H.OPEN 1
    Frank BUYTAERT
    Winston FRANSSEN

    H.OPEN 2
    Adriaan PELCKMANS
    Rudy ROOMAN

    H.VET A
    Frans LAENEN
    Daniël MARINUS

    H.VET B 1
    Herman JANSSEN
    Mike IN'T GROEN
    Leopold OOMS

    H.VET B 2
    Paul BOLSENS
    Giel PARDOEL
    Marc LEERS

    Kristel MERTENS
    Betty DE MEYER

    D.VET B
    Lily-Anne COLE
    Lieve GEENS
    Monica ROELING


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