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zondag, augustus 31, 2008

JEC 2008 Middle distance - Results and map

Yesterday the middle distance JEC2008 took place on a technical map in Arlon (Belgium). The results and map are visible below. France dominated the competition and won 3 golden medals. Today the participants will run the long distance race.

D18: 3300m (24 participants)
1ère Sarina JENZER (SUI) 00:22:45 06'53"min/km
2e Anastasiya TIHONOVA (RUS) 00:23:29 07'07"
3e Karina FERSHALOVA (RUS) 00:24:16 07'21"
11e Margot VANDEMEULEBROEK (BEL) 00:29:07 08'49"
15e Elisabeth HENKES (BEL) 00:30:55 09'22"
23e Sien VERDEYEN (BEL) 00:47:14 14'18"

D20: 3600m (15 participants)
1ère Lea VERCELLOTTI (FRA) 00:25:54 07'11"min/km
2e Sophie TRITSCHLER (SUI) 00:26:14 07'17"
3e Irina SERGEEVA (RUS) 00:29:53 08'18"
14e Katharina HENKES (BEL) 00:42:00 11'40"

H18: 4300m (34 participants)
1er Lucas BASSET (FRA) 00:24:39 05'43"min/km
2e Bjarne FRIEDRICHS (GER) 00:25:42 05'58"
3e Milos NYKODYM (CZE) 00:27:09 06'18"
12e Wouter LEEUWS (BEL) 00:29:47 06'55"
15e Yannick MICHIELS (BEL) 00:31:14 07'15"
23e Jeremy GENAR (BEL) 00:38:45 09'00"
33e Benjamin HOFMANS (BEL) Not classified

H20: 4600m (28 participants)
1er Benjamin LEPOUTRE (FRA) 00:28:51 06'16"min/km
2e Siarhey FEDATSENKA (BLR) 00:29:33 06'25"
3e Wolfgang SIEGERT (AUS) 00:30:11 06'33"
17e Gilles DE NEYER (BEL) 00:38:51 08'26"
20e Quentin DE NEYER (BEL) 00:40:02 08'42"

Public Race: 4600m
The men public race was the same course than H20 Jec-runners. This race (which is a Belgian ranking event) was won by Thomas van der Kleij (36'07). He was a little bit faster than his brother Dries van der Kleij (36'16) and Jean-Baptiste Colomb (36'21).
The women public race was the same race than the men public race (and H20 JEC). It was won by Veronique Bastin (45'53). Aline Hermans became 2nd (46'57) and Hilde Vercaeren 3th (66'56).

Map (H20 + Public race)
Results JEC (D18, D20, H18, H20)
Splittimes JEC
Results Public race
Splittimes Public race