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vrijdag, september 05, 2008

Sofie Herremans relaxed for Belgian Champs

Sofie Herremans has always been one of the biggest orienteering talents of Belgium. Last couple of years she suffered from injuries. Mainly her knees and hips were suffering from the hard trainings. This winter she started working on her comeback. Still living in New Zealand summer time helped motivating her. But it takes more than a few weeks for a real comeback. the biggest progress she made this summer. Doing o-ringen and some other nice competitions made her stronger and faster. Also the training facilities in Leuven, with all the SLOKtrainings helped in the progress.

She's not at the speed of 10 years ago yet but getting closer every week.
At the 3-days of flanders she was equal to Greet Oeyen (best belgian girl for years now) so it's no surprise that the poll indicates her also as one of the 3 favorites.

Now what is she doing different than last years?
Mainly staying free of injuries she says. Acting very fast when something feels not right. Like today (05/09)... I felt a pain in my back when i woke up. The same day I went to the physiotherapist. Some stresses were released around the 5th thoracic bone (somewhere between the shoulder blades). Now I'm free of pain and running at a very high speed. "we vliegen nog steeds".

What's your goal for sunday?
"I want to be on the podium", with anything else i'm not satisfied.

What do you think about the poll?
I was surprised to see so many votes for me, but also the fact that Miek is getting so many votes surprises me. She just finished her exams at uni... not the best preparation I think...

"Let's just see what happens sunday, hopefully you come back to me for an interview with the winner."


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