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maandag, september 01, 2008

JEC Relay - Results

Today the participants at the Junior European cup run their last race: the relay. In the womens class the Cezch Republic team was outstanding. They won with a big margin (more than 8 minutes) ahead of France and Russia.
In the mens class the finish was much closer. Austria surprisingly won the relay, 20 seconds ahead of Germany. Czech Republic became 3th.

Belgium became 5th in the mens class. Wouter Leeuws was the 3th leg-runner and performed very strong. He did the 4th best time, only Florian Howald, Bjarne Friedrichs and Milos Nykodym run faster. Belgium2 had a better ranking than Belgium1 after 2 legs, but became 13th in the overall ranking.
The Belgian girls became 7th.



  • At 1/9/08 20:53, Blogger Xtof said…

    Note that in women's class, the fight was tight between Czech Republic and Russia. Finally, last Czech runner finished a few seconds before Russia's 3rd girl... which appeared at least to be disqualified (see team RUS 3 at the end of the results).

    Thank you DLP for those races reports!

  • At 1/9/08 21:10, Anonymous An Oniem :) said…

    Also quite amazing was that, in the women's class, Russia took an outstanding start: the first 4 women passing the relay to the second runners were all from Russia! But then the other countries started catching up...

    And a big "WELL DONE" ;-) for Belgium 1

  • At 3/9/08 10:56, Blogger sofie said…

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