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donderdag, augustus 28, 2008

JEC Belgium

The Junior European Cup is an orienteering competition open to national teams of competitors not older than 20 years. In 2008 it will takes place in the south of Belgium: Arlon. 12 nations have now registered for JEC2008: Austria, Belgium, Belarus, Croatia, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Ireland, Latvia, Russia, Spain and Switzerland. In total 108 athletes (68 boys and 40 girls) will be present at the startline. The maps are in the same area than the Belgian 3days 2008. By following the weblinks, you can see the maps from day1, day2 and day3 (all of them H21elite) and the final results.
Program JEC:
Saturday 30.08.2008 - Middle Distance
Sunday 31.08.2008 - Long Distance
Monday 01.09.2008 – Relay

Belgian Team
The belgian team consists of 11 athletes (4 girls and 7 boys). More detailed: 3 girls in D18 (Elisabeth Henkes, Sien Verdeyen, Margot Vandemeulebroeck) and 1 girl in D20 (Katharina Henkes). 4 boys in H18 (Jeremy Genar, Wouter Leeuws, Yannick Michiels, Benjamin Hofmans) and 3 boys in H20 (Gilles Deneyer, Quentin Deneyer, Corentin Tonneau). Miek Fabre was also a member of the selected team, but she's doing exams at university at the moment. And Jochen Verdeyen can't participate because he's recovering from a medical surgery.

Public Races:
During the JEC also some public races will be organised. On saturday a middle distance competition on the map 'La rouge eau' (in Chantemelle) and on sunday a long distance race on the map Lagland (in Chatillon). Both competitions are Belgian ranking events. The deadline for registering the middle distance was 24/08, but there are still some vacants places. Sunday it's on-the-day entry, so registering is not necessary.


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