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zondag, september 07, 2008

Fabré and van der Kleij win the Long Distance

Thomas van der Kleij (hamok) and Miek Fabré (omega) were the best runners in the Belgian Long Distance championship on the map Hunnert in Recht. In these fast forests, the youngsters were ready to surprise.

The podium (M/F)

VDK, 23, won ahead of Nicolas Sillien (Pégase) and the big favourite according to our poll, Fabien Pasquasy (HOC). With his time of 1:29:58, he was 2 seconds faster than the expected winning time and had a 2 minute gap to the follow-up runners. His summer trainings were widely reported in the Belgian Orienteering media: with good results in Sweden and Norway, as well as winning the Flanders 3 days, it was clear that VDK was in great shape. Pasquasy trained in Canada the last weeks, avoiding bears and was suffering from jet-lag today, making two parallel mistakes.

Sillien (x2), VDK, Pasquasy

Fabré (20 so still a junior) was just 7 seconds faster than Aline Hermans (CO Liège). She caught up with Greet Oeyen (hamok) early on in the race and managed to get away on one of the many climbs in the race. According to herself, the key to success was that she felt absolutely no pressure for a good result (although she was the favourite according to the DLP-poll). Her entourage, however, claimed that their common training program helped her a lot. Sofie Herremans (hamok, interview) finished in third place and commented that she still lacked the speed for a really good result here.

Hermans, Fabré and Herremans

We will try to add a map of the HE course with route choices as soon as the festvities in Lommel are finished. Meanwhile, we do have photos.


  • At 8/9/08 20:58, Anonymous Joost said…

    deelnemerslijst bk middle (zonder starttijden) kan je vinden op de site van borasca:

  • At 8/9/08 22:01, Blogger JeroenH said…

    Geen Fabien? Ook nog niemand van Pégase (Nicolas) te zien?

  • At 8/9/08 22:50, Anonymous Anoniem said…

    Inderdaad: (nog) geen Fabien in de H Open en (nog) geen inschrijvingen ontvangen van Pégase... Sam

  • At 9/9/08 11:46, Blogger jeroen vdK said…

    raar , want hij zei zondag toch, a la semaine prochaine ..

  • At 9/9/08 12:44, Anonymous Anoniem said…

    Geen paniek ... een aantal lopers werden ingeschreven in een ongekende categorie en zijn dus niet mee opgenomen in inschrijvingslijst. Fabien zit er wel degelijk bij - Pégase ontbreekt echter nog


  • At 9/9/08 13:01, Blogger dries said…

    Now Fabien might feel an even higher pressure to win next competition. The mistakes he made sunday were due to lack of concentration. On the moments he probably wanted to push very hard (on the long - easy legs) he just didn't focus enough on mapreading and made a mistake. In the more technical zones he didn't miss.
    Will Thomas be able to reproduce it's stunt or will there be an other young talent like Ken Peeters or Jeroen Hoekx be able to surprise everyone.

  • At 9/9/08 16:59, Anonymous Fabien Pasquasy said…

    Is somebody can confirm me that I'm in the start list now ???

    Should I wrote email to my club (secretary did a mistake ?) ?

    Dries, I feel no pressure. I feel happy for Thomas (a good friend since last WC in Swiss together. He stayed in my home place).

    I must admit that I was very sad about my performance (win 25 splits of 33 controls) and didn't sleep at all the night after BK. Never did such of mistake - excepted when I was 13.

    CU in Middle BK where flemish runners are the favourites.

  • At 9/9/08 17:50, Blogger jeroen vdK said…

    In der Eliteklasse gingen die Titel bei den Männern und Frauen an zwei jungen Flamen..

    een schone videoreportage

  • At 9/9/08 17:56, Anonymous Anoniem said…


    Fabien is registered (and several others which were entered in HE, while actual category should have been H Open)

    Pegase has sent their registrations this afternoon and are now in as well!


  • At 9/9/08 18:36, Blogger jeroen vdK said…

    About last sunday,

    It was a great race,
    For me it was difficult to find the balance between the physical part and technique.
    I physically died when Michel caught me up, and when he was running away from me.
    That’s why I made a mistake on 15 just by going to deep heart beat 199 , I saw afterwards..

    at 19 Thomas already came from behind. I had to let him go hading for 25 on the uphill (never saw my brother going that strong, or maybe one time on cycling trip in the Ardennes, he always like it when it’s tough )
    again while he was running away on 26 I was defocused losing time again.

    as Guido L already mentioned there was a map issue on 9th control , but it seems almost everyone struggled there.

    up to next Sunday favorite for me king of the sand dunes Jeroen Hoekx

  • At 9/9/08 21:06, Anonymous Anoniem said…

    Entry list updated (see Borasca website)

  • At 9/9/08 21:18, Anonymous Michel Bastin said…

    I agree with Jeroen, it was a great race... even I have some doubts about the map for control 9 (now that I can train again on Hunnert, I'll go and check this place carefully :-) )

    I felt really strong before the race, maybe too strong as I started too fast... was a little suprised when I saw Jeroen already before 8 and made a 1 minute mistake (influence...) on this control, followed by 1.5 minute mistake at 9... after that I tried to push hard to run alone again but was really exhausted from 25 to the finish. Congratulation to Thomas, he was very impressive when runing uphill to 31...

    The Elite Ranking is also up to date now... thank you Alain :-)

  • At 10/9/08 10:06, Blogger sofie said…

    Joost moet nog wat werken aan zijn emit punch techniek zo blijkt uit het filmpje :)
    Voor de rest vond ik het wel een leuk filmpje, met een goede balans tussen een algemeen verslag en een overzicht van de atleten uit de regio

  • At 10/9/08 15:40, Blogger dries said…

    Fabien is topfavorite again. For second place we have a big competition, don't forget outsider Tomas Hendrickx.

    In Bel-ranking we now have a top 3 FRSO-runners, but on the other hand we see 14 out of top 20-runners are VVO-runners. Will they take over in a few years?

  • At 10/9/08 22:33, Anonymous Joost said…

    Da was puur voor de camera dat ik effe in slow motion moest prikken :). Alles voor de sport beter in beeld te brengen eh. Neenee, da zijn die stomme posten die goed geplaatst zijn voor de rechtshandigen maar ni voor de linkshandigen, twee sec verloren. Rekent maar uit (33 posten x2sec) en ik was voor den hoekie geeindigd :).

  • At 11/9/08 09:24, Anonymous Anoniem said…

    (Preliminary) startlist is ready - &

  • At 11/9/08 10:39, Anonymous Anoniem said…

  • At 11/9/08 20:12, Anonymous Bruno said…

    Vraagje ivm de starttijden van het BK middle in de reeks H. Open.
    Op welke basis zijn deze opgesteld? Is dit altijd zo bij een BK Middle?
    Want random is het allesinds niet....

  • At 11/9/08 20:45, Anonymous Anoniem said…

    hi All,

    first of all: thank you delaatstepost for providing 'foreigners' a glance of belgian O-news, keep on going!

    second: congrats to Thomas for his Belgian titlel.

    and third: @ dries, I suspect you of using this blog to put pressure on Fabien (and have a VDK win :)) worked well last week (even if it was unintentional that time)...let's see if Fabien is mentally strong enough to cope with it?
    5 years ago, I would have said NO, but I have the impression that Fabien did progress a lot on the mental point recently, so today I say 'YES'.

    Anyway,I find this an interesting topic to discuss more in-dept on this blog, cause after all, orienteering is:
    (i) strong legs
    (ii) good navigation skills and, most important at top level,
    (iii) mental strength

    now heading to Italian champs in Long and Relay this weekend, ciao from Verona,

  • At 12/9/08 09:14, Anonymous Anoniem said…

    Bruno zei... i.v.m. de starttijden...

    Ik vind de toekenning van de starttijden bij H-Elite ook erg discutabel...
    Ofwel ga je voor random, ofwel gebaseerd op een bepaalde ranking (de BEL-ranking lijkt mij aangewezen!)maar zeker niet volgens een zelfgekozen nergens opslaand stramien waar enkele betere lopers op het eind na elkaar vetrekken. De medailles lijken mij al verdeeld met deze startprocedure. Als Thomas VDK bij Fabien valt is de titel binnen. Als Bart D. bij Nicolas S. valt is het podium compleet. Andere top-Ranking lopers als Michel B. en Hoekie die ergens midden in het veld gezet zijn dreigen hiervan de klos te worden.Een BK onwaardig.

  • At 12/9/08 09:57, Blogger dries said…

    The same discussion we had last year and the year before. I think the right thing to do is to make a top 20 rank of the participating runners and do the same kind of lottery system as in a grand slam of Tennis. My proposal is this: have a pot of top 10 runners, have a pot of 11-20 runners. Than the last 20 runners are always one of the second pot, one of the first pot, one second pot, one of the first pot and so on. So for example the result would be
    15 - 2 - 12 - 6 - 11 - 9 - 19 - 5 - 20 - 3 - 17 - 4 - 18 - 1 - 13 - 8 - 16 - 10 - 14 - 7

    This can be programmed easily, only difficulty is to make this top 20.

    I wouldn't have commented if I had not seen Fabien 3 times in the forest last week. Whereas I should see him for 2 or 3 controls only.
    I agree about the fact that Fabien is mentally stronger nowadays. But last sunday clearly something went wrong but i'm convinced he will be ready for sunday.

  • At 12/9/08 10:36, Anonymous Bruno said…

    I think Dries has got a good proposal (and think you can do the same for 21-30 and 31-40 before...), but rather impossible because there is no ranking. (or you can use the BEL-ranking, but that one doesn't really compare different categories (H35, H21,...)).

    Because of that I would say it is more fair to do it completely randomly for championships. Also the rule 'no club runners in a 2 minutes interval' can be discussed...

    However I realise it is a lot of work to organise everything and I wish everybody the best for next sunday! And Borasca, please don't start changing start times, it was just my goal to start a discussion about it. I look forward to the competition.

  • At 12/9/08 12:12, Anonymous Winnie said…

    ivm Dries zijn tennisgewijze volgorde:
    Het moet dan ook nog kloppen met dat 2 lopers van dezelfde club niet achter elkaar mogen starten

    Daarnaast denk ik dat hoekie zijn starttijd niet bepaald slechter is (zal meer volk inhalen dus meer lopers posten zien prikken).

  • At 12/9/08 13:16, Blogger dries said…

    Having a look at the starting grid myself I think the order is not bad at all. Foreign runners (not in a Belgian club from 01012008) have been given a clear separate starting time.

    Some top runners have been given an earlier start time but not before 11:20 (no disadvantage in my opinion).

    About the remark of Winston about two runners of the same club starting behind each other, this can be solved with an additional rule like “change first runner of these 2 with a preceding runner of the same level. In my example: i.e. if 3 and 20 are from the same club  change 20 with 19.

    To remember result of last year:
    1. PASQUASY Fabien 0:33:10
    2. HENDRICKX Pieter 0:37:07
    3. SILLIEN Nicolas 0:37:32
    4. VAN GASSE Etienne 0:39:09
    5. DELOBEL Bart 0:41:28
    6. TALLOEN Joost 0:41:34
    7. VAN DER KLEIJ Dries 0:41:44
    8. VAN DER KLEIJ Thomas0:41:49
    9. BERNARD Christophe 0:42:25
    10. LINTEN Jo 0:44:21

    My Top 3:
    Fabien Pasquasy / Bart Delobel / Hendrickx Tomas

  • At 12/9/08 13:36, Blogger sofie said…

    Is the rule of 2 runners of the same club still relevant?
    I guess the idea behind it was that runners from the same club would be more 'friendly' with eachother and would help eachother more than runners from different clubs.
    I believe with the current situation in Belgium, clubs do not mean that much,and it is highly possible that runners from different clubs are training partners for example, so would be more likely to be 'friendly' when meeting eachother in the forest
    (for example, the SLOK runners are from different clubs).

    As far as I am concerned, this rule should not be included in the allocation of start times.

  • At 12/9/08 17:02, Anonymous Anoniem said…


    1 Fabien
    2 Jeroen Hoekx
    3 Bart Delobel

  • At 12/9/08 22:16, Blogger jeroen vdK said…

    As you will see monday,
    the best splittimes in a middle distance are made by people that see other people(from the same course or from other courses) punch te controls.

    Its just the 10 seconds of not slowing down towards it, certainly in technical zones

    But you dont win an orienteering race having the most fastest splittimes ;-)

  • At 14/9/08 18:38, Anonymous Fabien Pasquasy said…

    Yes Jeroen, it's possible to win an orienteering race having the most fastest splittimes ;-)))

    I would like to mention that starting time was not fair today. My friend Michel Bastin should be on podium with a "normal race" (I caught 6 or 7 runners in front).

    But terrain and course were perfect. It's the most important !!!

    Congrats to Borasca for good job but please remember also to use :

    - a manual timing system (ABSO / BVOS rules) in addition of EMIT (some were disqualified when they punched the finish control in the same time as other runners)

    - some club bags (ABSO / BVOS rules) to collect maps after the finish


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