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zaterdag, augustus 16, 2008

Sillien wins day 2

Driedaagse van Vlaanderen 2008 

Nicolas Sillien (CO Pégase), winner of the first two national events this year, won the second day of the Flanders 3 days. On the map Rodenberg in Tessenderlo, despite a few mistakes, he was still 1:28 faster than Belarusian Serge Fedatsenka (Amor). In third place, we see Thomas van der Kleij (hamok), 3 minutes behind.

Today's long distance race (11,3km) saw several fast long legs, where choosing the right path was very important. The forest was quite green most of the time, leading to an interesting trade-off between distance and strength.

In the overall standings, Jeroen Hoekx (hamok) is still in the lead, just half a minute in front of van der Kleij, with Fedatsenka in third place. This means that tomorrow's race on Houterenberg will decide the competition.

Sofie Herremans (hamok) won the women's class. She was 30 seconds faster than Severine Vandermeulen (CO Liège), with yesterday's winner Greet Oeyen (hamok) in third place, one minute behind.

This means that Vandermeulen will probably win the overall competition, since both Herremans and Oeyen are unsure if they will be able to participate on day 3 because of other activities. Currently, Herremans is in the lead, just in front of Oeyen, with Vandermeulen at about three minutes.